You Aren't Ready For A Relationship, If These 12 Things Are Out Of Your Dictionary
  1. Mix with people whom you haven’t known all your life. When you mix with them and enter into a serious relationship, you get to meet all their relations-Cousins, parents, grandparents, their friends and more. So, pull your socks to meet more new people.
  2. Feeling concerned about someone else is a new beginning. Even if you bring home a puppy, you have to be caring two words it, take it for walks, play with it and feed it. If you start seeing someone, you have to spend money on gifts and surprises and communicate with the person throughout the day till night.
  3. Let people know that you are committed. Don’t introduce your partner as your friend or even referred them as a friend. Hiding your relationship status is not a good thing. Rather, you should be telling everyone that you are involved with an amazing person.
  4. Even the couples with greatest chemistry can get into arguments. Instead of keeping insults over each other it is best to turn the arguments towards more intelligent and mature discussion. But it may sound like a compromise but it is the right thing to do.
  5. When you are in a relationship, you have to understand you cannot be casual with your behavior. Flirting and is a big no and you are expected to behave appropriately no matter how playful a personality you are.
  6. Plan and make out time for your partner. If your work is such that it robs you of your social life, then provide you should avoid dating. Even for a few minutes, you must make time to see your partner every night after work.
  7. Talk to your partner. They are really interested in listening your entire day. Don’t hide important details can be open. You should share a comfort level with your partner that where makes it easy for you to speak to them about anything, even the things you would keep to yourself.
  8. Even if you are resolved or love your alone time, once in a relationship you can’t shut yourself and keep the things that upset you hidden. Instead of closing doors on your partner, let them in.
  9. Make sex exciting and satisfying for them. Don’t expect your partner to put all the effort and just be there. Be a part of the act and contribute to mutual satisfaction. Your lack of interest may leave your partner unhappy and they may end up using their hands.
  10. Giving a try to new things is always good in a relationship. If and if your partner like a show that you hate or pursues a hobby that you don’t like, still try to take interest in those things.
  11. Lend a helping hand. If you have created a mess in your partner’s house, try to clean it up yourself or at least help as much as you can. Be involved in the household work another chores when you start living together.
  12. If you are in the relationship, you should take it seriously. When you have a fight, try to reach a solution that is agreeable to both. So, when they ask you questions about future, you have the right answers and that will happen when you are serious about the whole thing.
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  1. Poorly written although with good intent but don’t tell people not to flirt with their partner after they’re in a steady relationship. Some people use flirting as a love language. There are people who prefer having that reassurance that their partner is still very into them by flirting. It can be a form of security in a relationship if both partners are into flirting and wish to express that.