8 Reasons Why Successful People Use a Capsule Wardrobe


Why Successful People Use Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe movement is something that is driving people crazy, it seems to be the choice for successful people.   

Do you invest too much time in your fashion or wardrobe? Hate to wear the same clothes every day? If you want to be more productive and successful in your life, then you may have to stop this. 

What exactly is capsule wardrobe movement

It refers to a mini wardrobe comprising essentials and what you most love to wear. The capsule size can be 30-40 items including professional clothes, nightwears, shoes, and other necessary stuff. Versatile pieces can be added to the wardrobe without increasing the size of it. 

That means the capsule wardrobe should not depend on the spaciousness of your house. But on your comfort level, taste, and style so that most of it can be worn year-round. No, it’s not due to a lack of financial resources!

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If you want to be successful, you have to be more productive. Isn’t it? 

And, for that, you have to make some quick decisions both in personal and professional life. The same applies to your fashion as well. 

Staying tuned with the latest fashion trends is something that all fashion freaks do. But, are you benefited from this fast fashion life? Definitely not, if every morning you have to spend an hour thinking about what to wear for work to look appealing. 

But, if you narrow down your options you can simplify your life plus save enough time for other tasks that need more attention. By embracing minimalism, you not only clear the clutter but foster more sustainable existence. 

In short, capsule wardrobe movement helps you buy and own less, focus on what you need instead of what you want, and live a lifestyle of increased consciousness. Less shopping means less waste and saves you from the headache caused by endless laundry. 

No surprise, the capsule wardrobe movement continues to gain momentum among successful people. Although it is far from the mainstream, it is the only option left for elite personalities with a minimalist lifestyle. 

High profile people apply minimalist principles to their life, elevating the capsule wardrobe movement in their social consciousness

If you are the one who is out of this movement and still wondering how can one wear the same clothes everyday, that too when the budget is not the concern, then here are detailed and convincing reasons for you.

1. Save energy.

As President Barack Obama said “You need to focus your decision-making energy. You need to routinize yourself. You can’t be going through the day distracted by trivia.” Large wardrobes need more decision-making as well as more maintenance and organization. By wearing the same clothes everyday, you can easily avoid the distraction of trivia. You no more have to brainstorm about what to wear in the morning and that saves your mental energy. 

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Christopher Nolan is well known for creating many successful films of the early 21st century. According to the New York Times Magazine, he believes it’s “a waste of energy to choose what to wear each day.” He is happy and comfortable wearing a dark, narrow-lapel jacket over a blue dress shirt with black trousers over sensible shoes everyday.

2. Quick decisions.

Limited fashion options save decision making energy, so you are less likely to suffer from decision fatigue. It is a state of mind where you make the poor quality of decisions as you indulge in long sessions of decision making repeatedly.

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You can create more mental space by removing even one decision-making in the morning – choosing clothes. And, that saves brain energy helping you make better and quicker decisions about things that really matter. Hence, you can gear up for better productivity throughout the day.

3. Stress-free life

Matilda Kahl, an art director in New York prefers wearing the same outfit everyday just to avoid decision fatigue and save time. But, she also emphasizes less stress because she no longer has to worry – “Is this too formal? Is this dress too short? And so on. But now, she has one less source of anxiety during the day in her trademark silk white shirt and black trousers. Not to mention the stress of shopping only to return the items later. 

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4. Feeling put together.

If you wear comfortable clothes you will feel good and put together. Because you are having limited items and you choose them for style. Even if others disagree you are pretty confident about your outfit. 

On the other hand, having a disorganized and overwhelming closet means you may have items that don’t fit right or don’t look right so you won’t be at ease for the rest of the day. Easy, versatile, and always put together are factors that the capsule wardrobe movement continues to grow. 

5. Time is money.

One thing that is common with all the successful people is – they hate wasting time. Too many possessions become a burden and when you remove them, you discover a new life of freedom. The benefit of limiting wardrobe is the gift of time.

If you have a regular uniform or set of clothes, getting ready in the morning becomes easier, quicker, and more efficient. Shopping becomes hassle-free because you can now directly go to your favorite store and grab that outfit of the right size, style, and color. The more time you save, the more you can focus on your business or new ideas, be more productive, and make more money.

6. Iconic.

Alice Gregory, a writer living in New York City created a new buzz word for wearing the same clothes everyday.  She called it “Iconic. A cheap and easy way to feel famous.” She believes – a uniform can be a way of performing maturity and it insinuates the sort of sober priorities that ossify with age, as well as a deliberate past of editing and improving. By wearing the same outfit everyday you can assert your status as a protagonist. 

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7. Less expense.

Our wardrobes are full of the latest clothes, shoes from different brands, accessories and what not bought during your travel trips. After all those heavy dollars spent, they are rarely worn. Because most clothing purchases are not based on need at all. A few decades ago, an average American woman owned 9 outfits but today the figure is 30 to avoid repetitions. Thanks to the trending capsule wardrobe and the demand for iconic uniforms, it saves expenses as well as trial-and-error clothing purchases. 

8. More peace.

Drew Barrymore discussed her relationship with clothes in one of her articles for Refinery 29. She is 40  and not comfortable with 20s clothes and after two babies – 30s clothes don’t fit anymore. To overcome this clothing pain she initiated a closet diet. Now she buys her clothes thoughtfully, which makes her fashion sense calmer and peaceful. She reports that the capsule wardrobe movement was like freedom and rescue for her. Not to forget the advantage of easier laundry and storage.

Adopting minimalist principles to your wardrobe makes you more productive, efficient, stress-free, calmer, peaceful, and remain iconic.   

Are you considering adopting a more streamlined wardrobe yourself?

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Why Successful People Use Capsule Wardrobe Pin
8 Reasons Why Successful People Use A Capsule Wardrobe

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