8 Iconic Figures Who Made History While In Quarantine

8 Iconic Figures Who Made History While In Quarantine

With almost the whole world in quarantine right now, everyone is trying to stay creative and productive in some way or the other. Even though this whole quarantine situation can sometimes feel boring and overwhelming, it can also serve as a huge source of inspiration for you.

Do you know that some of the iconic figures in history did their best work that changed mankind and the world for the better while being in quarantine?

These people well and truly changed the course of history, while they were quarantining. Reading their stories might give you some inspiration and much-needed hope, that something positive might come out of all this, at the end of the day. So, are you ready to take a walk down history?


Here Are 8 Iconic Figures Who Made History While In Quarantine

1. Isaac Newton 

Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton

When the infamous bubonic plague hit England in 1665, Isaac Newton was in quarantine when he made history by discovering the Theory of Gravity. He started living in Woolsthorpe Manor, where he spent more than 18 months constantly studying, which resulted in the inception of the famous theory.

During this time, he also wrote papers that went on to take the shape of Calculus, and also developed several theories on gravity and optics. These discoveries have forever changed the face of Physics and Mathematics.

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2. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo

The renowned Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo was diagnosed with polio at the tender age of six, which led to a prolonged period of bed rest. 12 years later, when she was a student, she was traveling on a bus that was involved in a head-on collision with a car. She survived but with many serious injuries, which again led to a long period of bed rest.

It was during her healing period, when she painted her very first self-portrait, by using the mirror above her bed as a reference! After that, everything is history. She went on to become an iconic painter and personality, whose paintings are revered even today.


3. William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

After his company, The Kings Men closed its doors due to the bubonic plague, it is heavily rumored that William Shakespeare wrote the iconic play, King Lear while he was in quarantine in England. During this time which was considered the most prolific time in Shakespeare’s career, all the theaters were closed due to the outbreak of the plague.

It might be because of this, that he ended up penning not just King Lear, but also Antony and Cleopatra and Macbeth at the same time! He also wrote many poems, including Venus and Adonis. 


4. Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir
Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir was a 20th-century poet and feminist, who lost her job as a teacher after the Nazis occupied Paris. She played a big part in helping the French Resistance, and penned down several works of literature at the same time! Her most notable work to date is the very famous Les Bouches inutiles, which she wrote in 1945, while confined to her home.

This play was heavily inspired by the Nazi regime and took place in the 14th century, where minorities like women, elderly and children were written off as useless and a burden, in order to save the lives of predominantly healthy and young men.

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5. Thomas Nashe

Thomas Nashe
Thomas Nashe

When the bubonic plague hit London in the year 1592, Thomas Nashe relocated to the countryside to avoid being infected. It was during this time in quarantine, that he wrote the much-celebrated and popular play, Summers’ Last Will And Testament.

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