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Sure, I occasionally need to focus on my weaknesses and make a plan to compensate for them (like hiring people who can complement my skills), but figuring out my leadership style began with focusing on what I had and not on what I didn’t have. That’s how you should develop your skill of focus and it will boost your self-confidence.

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3 Steps To Improve Focus

Focusing on my strengths allowed me to excel.

I started to amplify the skills I had that were not widely available in the organizations I worked in. It made all the difference.

I stopped looking for approval from others whose view of leadership, while valid and right for them, didn’t apply to me.

As I lived by my own definition of success, my confidence grew and I was released from self-doubt, self-criticism, and feelings that I would never be good enough.

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RECAP: How To improve Focus

Focus Builder #1: Focus on What You Want

Develop your ability to ignore distractions and they will fall away if you focus on your goal.

Focus Builder #2: Practice What Matters

Practicing only takes you to the next level if you know exactly what you are trying to improve.

Focus Builder #3: Choose Your Own Definition of Success 

There are many versions of excellence—don’t let other people define success for you.

Are you ready to develop the skill of focus?

Written by: Dr Ivan Joseph
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3 Steps To Improve Focus
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3 Steps To Improve Focus
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