Why I’ll Just Date Myself

i will just date myself

Being new to singlehood, I thought “let me just date myself.” I had all sorts of doubts, I probably felt a little lonely at times. Having to spend weekends alone doesn’t sound that great, does it?

When you’re single, dating yourself can be a good thing. It is far better than constantly looking for a new partner. But what exactly do I mean when I say I will date myself? Am I still single? Well, yes and no, to be honest. But I’d imagine dating a better version of myself. Rather than simply stating that I’m “unavailable,” dating myself implies that I’m out there getting to do things that I enjoy, just because I can.

When you accept that you are single and don’t need a partner to make you happy, you are collaborating with yourself.

“I’m not single. I’m not taken. I’m simply on reserve for the one who deserves my heart.” — Unknown

Why I'll Just Date Myself
Why I'll Just Date Myself

Here is Why I’ll Just Date Myself.

1. I’m Not Unhappy Or Callous, But From Now On I’m Going To Date Myself.

It’s not that I can’t find a date; it’s just that I don’t want to date anyone. The main thing is that I am content doing my own thing. However, as true as this is, I would gladly accept a man coming in and turning my life around for the better.

But no one is doing that right now, so instead of waiting for a date, I’m going to live it up. I’m tired of accepting less than what I want and deserve, and luckily I have a sensitive radar for nonsense and I can spot the players and narcissists from a mile away. I can tell the difference between a man’s intentions and whether he is actually interested in being with me or not. I want to be valued, not simply desired. I don’t seek men with riches or the perfect body but someone who sweeps me off my feet and makes me happy.

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2. The Materialistic Things Don’t Impress Me, But Confidence And Authenticity Do.

I don’t need anyone to take me out to feel loved, until that guy who is watching me dance barefoot in the kitchen while I cook for us, I’m content living alone; a life I enjoy. I find pleasure in spending long evenings alone, wandering through the market, stopping to smell ripe fruits, and planning meals that excite and delight my senses.

I don’t need a man to take me to the movies. The truth is that I prefer my own living room and company, where I can listen to my favorite music, eat pizza, and spend time with my girls. I enjoy dancing to my favorite music at home, which I can play loudly while sipping some wine and smiling because I’m truly happy.

3. Being Alone And Being Lonely Are Two Different Things

Being “alone” is a state in which you are physically alone. Whereas when you are “lonely”, you’re going through feelings of being isolated or disconnected from others, even if they are right beside you.

And I’ve realized that I am, indeed, alone. I’m not dating anyone and while I do want a man in my life I also recognize that I need one in many ways. I’m not lonely. I don’t need a man to make me happy or feel better, and I don’t mean that in a self-absorbed way. What I mean is that I have an amazing career, friends who always support me, and a family who has my back no matter what the situation is but most importantly, I love myself.

There is no loneliness in dating myself, but there is a great deal of peace as I am content to enjoy and live my life until someone comes along who wants to support me and I want to support them.

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  1. Thank you! One of the most inspiring and beautiful articles I've read in a while. And reading this at 11:11 makes it even more 'special' if that word even comes close! The synchronicity of life.

  2. So agree. After forcing myself to go on many dates because it's what we are supposed to do and even pushing through relationships that never really worked it's clear to me that they are supposed to be something special. So until I find someone who thinks I am as perfect as my dogs do, I'm out. It's just not worth my time and I'm not looking either. True love is definitely out there which is why we have to wait for it rather than block it by choosing the wrong people.

  3. I would have choose to be with her through this festive month but apparently she doesn't feel the same. Whatever I will be dating with her, someday.

  4. I cycled all my schooling life and whenever i would cycle i would give a lift to someone and then would cycle just according to their directions and if I ever sat back, i would be so free mentally… I would look here and there and just be free.
    I don't know what was god teaching me then as an empath now i realize that this always goes on that either we are under guidance or we are going according to guidance. Just like sitting behind or sitting ahead.

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