Why Being Single Is Always Great

Why Being Single is Always Great

Decidedly, why is everyone trying to get in a relationship? An absurd idea when you consider all the advantages of not having a guy .

Here are many good reasons that will not make you regret for a single second your single status:

1. You do not have to stuff your funny people anymore

On weekends, it’s done to take time for you, not to mess with people who do not interest you.

2. You decide alone of your holiday destination

No, no need to make concessions. If you want to go get some pills in Ibiza, nothing stops you, and who knows who you’ll meet?

3. You break the routine

Ok, you come home in the evening and there is no one waiting for you, but then?

This leaves you all the options open: why not invite the guy to the gym that throws you small glances?

Or go out for a drink with your friends? You are free as the air, take consciousness!

4. No more need to suffer his ceaseless eyes (when he mate other girls what)

Yes ! All The same. But when you are not in a relationship, these masculine behaviors really go over your head and that’s good!

Good to know: According to lifehack, one in five men would have hit someone in the street while he was staring at a woman. Even better, one in ten men would have taken a street light while being distracted by a woman! #grosloser

5. You don’t have to care about problems

Dealing with problems like your partner’s emotional unavailability and lack of intimacy will not upset you.

6. Goodbye snoring!

OMG it feels good when calm settles back in the room! In addition, you have your bed for yourself, just perfect!

7. You do not have to worry about digging into your things

To make an offense in someone’s private life is sacrilege!

Some people think they are all allowed. But all that is over, no need to be on the alert while you take your shower, nobody will search your stuff. And if so, call the police, it’s a burglar!

8. Setting a fishing is no longer a problem

Come on, be honest, how many of you just can not go on a big commission to his darling? Because you think he’s embarrassed him?

9. You don’t have to share your food with someone

No, but is he serious there? My food is MY food, you had only to order my dish if you wanted it!

10. You find time for your friends and for you

It must be recognized, being in a relationship takes time and money!

You can reconnect with friends who have moved away from you or take care of you as it should.

-By John Carter

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