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Why Do People Ignore You: 8 Nasty Habits That Turn People Off

Why People Ignore You Nasty Habits

You must have seen some people breezing through social events, vibing and charming their way through people’s hearts, and you couldn’t help but brood over the fact how effortlessly they get everyone’s attention. So what are you doing wrong and why do people ignore you?

One of the most emotionally grueling experiences of life is getting ignored and left out in the cold by people whom we care about. And on top of that, when someone ignores you and you don’t have the faintest idea why, it can rob you of your peace of mind.

In this article, we will try to find answers to the questions, when someone ignores you, what does that mean, and what to do when people ignore you.

Often times we rub people off the wrong way and never realize how our words and actions might be off-putting or even hurtful to them. If you are someone who tends to struggle with making and keeping friends and wonder why do people ignore you, it will be a good idea to reflect on the way you conduct yourself around others.

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8 Reasons To Explain Why Do People Ignore You

Start your self-work by reading the following possible reasons why people ignore you.

1. You Behave Like A Limpet

If you are emotionally dependent on others and latch on them as an emotional parasite, it’s not hard to guess why people ignore you. No one likes to be around a person who is clingy and constantly craves attention. Being around you might be mentally exhausting and that’s why people are avoiding you.

2. You Are A Debby Downer

Are you someone who always likes to dump their troubles on others? Do you complain a lot and crib about every little thing that goes wrong in your life? No wonder your friends are steering clear of you. It’s one thing to share your life events with your friends, but when you always harping on the same tune of how bad things always happen to you, you are bringing a lot of negativity to the group unknowingly and this is the reason why they are ignoring you.

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3. The Universe Revolves Around You

Actually, it doesn’t! So stop making everything about you. If you are always caught up with whatever going on in your life, and never care to show interest in what others might have to say, how can you expect them to care about you? Stop asking yourself “why people ignore me?” and start paying attention to them. The best way to get a friend is by being one.

4. You Are A Radio

It’s a good thing to have an opinion about things that matter, such as politics, environment, etc., however, you should know when to be assertive and when to get off your soapbox. If you always cut people short and talk over everyone, you will get on their nerves. Your peers and colleagues will deem you to be close-minded and stubborn, and instead of trying to reason with you, they will simply avoid you.

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