Why Do People Ignore You: 8 Nasty Habits That Turn People Off

Why People Ignore You Nasty Habits

You must have seen some people breezing through social events, vibing and charming their way through people’s hearts, and you couldn’t help but brood over the fact how effortlessly they get everyone’s attention. So what are you doing wrong and why do people ignore you?

One of the most emotionally grueling experiences of life is getting ignored and left out in the cold by people whom we care about. And on top of that, when someone ignores you and you don’t have the faintest idea why, it can rob you of your peace of mind.

In this article, we will try to find answers to the questions, when someone ignores you, what does that mean, and what to do when people ignore you.

Often times we rub people off the wrong way and never realize how our words and actions might be off-putting or even hurtful to them. If you are someone who tends to struggle with making and keeping friends and wonder why do people ignore you, it will be a good idea to reflect on the way you conduct yourself around others.

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8 Reasons To Explain Why Do People Ignore You

Start your self-work by reading the following possible reasons why people ignore you.

1. You Behave Like A Limpet

If you are emotionally dependent on others and latch on them as an emotional parasite, it’s not hard to guess why people ignore you. No one likes to be around a person who is clingy and constantly craves attention. Being around you might be mentally exhausting and that’s why people are avoiding you.

2. You Are A Debby Downer

Are you someone who always likes to dump their troubles on others? Do you complain a lot and crib about every little thing that goes wrong in your life? No wonder your friends are steering clear of you. It’s one thing to share your life events with your friends, but when you always harping on the same tune of how bad things always happen to you, you are bringing a lot of negativity to the group unknowingly and this is the reason why they are ignoring you.

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3. The Universe Revolves Around You

Actually, it doesn’t! So stop making everything about you. If you are always caught up with whatever going on in your life, and never care to show interest in what others might have to say, how can you expect them to care about you? Stop asking yourself “why people ignore me?” and start paying attention to them. The best way to get a friend is by being one.

4. You Are A Radio

It’s a good thing to have an opinion about things that matter, such as politics, environment, etc., however, you should know when to be assertive and when to get off your soapbox. If you always cut people short and talk over everyone, you will get on their nerves. Your peers and colleagues will deem you to be close-minded and stubborn, and instead of trying to reason with you, they will simply avoid you.

5. You Go Too Far

Good-natured banters and cracking silly jokes at each other’s expense is quite common and even normal among close friends. But, you must never go too far and hurt their feelings by making rude comments on something they are sensitive about. You should also never insult them in front of others, especially their partners or their family. If you are someone who is unnecessarily mean to everyone, all the freaking time, you must already know why do people ignore you.

6. You Are A Ticking Bomb

When people find you to be emotionally volatile or unstable, it is most likely that they will be avoiding you like the plague. You cannot expect everyone to walk on eggshells around you and pacify you whenever you fly off the handle. If you tend to overreact to every situation, argue on the slightest pretext, and hold grudges, people will find you to be high maintenance and turn against you.

7. You Are Unreachable

Have you considered that when people ignore you for no reason, apparently, it could mean you are sending out the wrong message by being reserved or distant? If you are always closed off, guarded, and leave it on others to break the ice every time, they will perceive you as impassive. You will come across as someone who is aloof, indifferent, and don’t want to be around people. Such a reputation will surely not get you any attention, and people will give you a wide berth.

8. You Put Yourself First, Always

When you go for dinner with your friends, are you the one who sticks them with the bill? Do you always try to get your way by fluttering your eyelashes or making a doe-eyed face? Do you always get to pick the movie or the nightclub when you are out with your clique? If you answered yes to all those questions, you must realize by now why do people ignore you. You have been a bit selfish with them.

Take A Look At Some More Reasons Why People Ignore You

  • You are always boasting about yourself and bragging about your accomplishments
  • You are inconsiderate and cancel on your friends a lot
  • You lie, cheat, and are not honest with others
  • You don’t bring much to the table in terms of conversation
  • You are a people-pleaser and desperately try to be liked by everyone
  • You never accept or apologize when you are in the wrong

What To Do If You’re Being Ignored

When someone special ignores you

Now that you have a handle on what does it mean when people ignore you, let us cover the topic of how to deal with people that ignore you. Keep in mind the following pointers when someone ignores you on purpose:

When Someone Special Ignores You

It’s tough dealing with people who ignore you, more so when you are vying for attention from a special someone, and getting shot down by their indifference. You can:

  • Instead of chasing them relentlessly, be elusive and give them space.
  • While you wait for them to contact you, engage yourself with hobbies and creative projects.
  • Make sure whether they are genuinely busy and you are not reading too much into their reactions.
  • Keep a check on your impulse to confront and ask them for an explanation
  • Respect their wish and communicate clearly, but peacefully. 

When Friends Ignore you

You might know very well how to ignore someone who is ignoring you, but when this avoidance comes from your friends, you are at a loss. Try the following:

  • Introspect your recent attitude and behavior towards them
  • Rationally evaluate their reaction
  • Reach out to them through common friends
  • Arrange a meetup and talk it out without ambushing them
  • Explain your side of the story
  • Understand their point of view
  • If you are at fault, apologize wholeheartedly
  • If it doesn’t work out, know that you cannot control how they feel
  • Learn how to let go of a friend who ignores you and move on
why do people ignore you

When Everyone Ignores You

Ignoring someone on purpose doesn’t happen overnight or without a valid reason. So, if you find that everyone around you is ignoring you, stop pondering how to treat a person who ignores you, and look inward to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you being inconsiderate with others?
  • Are you encroaching on their personal space?
  • Are you hurting them unintentionally?
  • Are you way too demanding?
  • Are you trying too hard to win their approval?
  • Are you always honest and upfront with them?
  • Are you behaving in a cold and detached way with them?
  • Are you paying enough attention to other people?
  • Are you good for their emotional health?

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Maybe It’s Not You, It’s Them

If you are reading this article, then it surely means that you care about others and how they perceive you. After reading all the above-mentioned points, if you find nothing needs to be changed about how you behave with others, then maybe their avoidance is unwarranted. It can so happen that people in your circle don’t have your best interests in their hearts and are sneaky and manipulative. You can let go of them and seek acquaintances who are positive and beneficial for your mental health.

If you are suffering from any kind of anxiety disorder or depression, don’t feel for once that you are responsible for bringing negativity by talking about your issues. Mental health disorders are nothing to joke about. Please reach out to a friend who will be happy to share your pain, or talk to a mental health professional for accurate coping strategies.

when people ignore you for no reason

You are now aware of your self-sabotaging behaviors and what to do when people ignore you. So how did you like our article on the topic “Why Do People Ignore You”? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you ignore someone for a long time?

When a person is ignored for a long period of time, it can be psychologically stressful for them. If they are not aware of why they are being ignored, their confidence can take a hit.

How can you tell when you are having a conversation with someone and they ignore you?

If you notice subtle cues such as them avoiding eye contact, looking down at their phones all the time, or not replying to your questions, they might be ignoring you.

Is ignoring someone the best revenge?

If you want to get back at someone who has ignored you, moving on and living your best life might be the best solution.

When someone ignores you what does that mean?

When someone visibly ignores you, it could mean many things, including, they got offended by you, they could be busy, and more.

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