Soul Tree Astrology: Which Tree Did Your Soul Fall From, According To Your Birth Date

soul tree astrology

2. Ash Tree (Ambition)

soul tree astrology ash

You have a resilient, determined and ambitious personality and don’t accept no for an answer. You can be a little demanding at times and aren’t good at handling criticism. Although you act stubborn, you are extremely caring towards your people.

You are very attractive, lively, a little impulsive, aspiring, intelligent, brilliant, and you like to gamble with fate. You can be self-centered, and value money above other things. You are an impulsive and demonstrative lover, and needy for attention, love and emotional support in relationships. However, they use their mind more than their heart, so they can easily recover from ugly emotional issues.

Fresh approaches, attitudes and perceptions improve their creativity and give them more satisfaction.

3. Beech Tree (Creative)

soul tree astrology beech

You have good taste and you’re concerned about your appearance. You have great organization skills. Your materialistic nature can create financial problems in future. You have the innovative qualities that make a good leader.

You avoid unnecessary risks; you’re reasonable and economical and keen on maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle through diets, exercise and sports. You make a loyal lifetime companion.

4. Birch Tree (Inspiration)

soul tree astrology birch

You’re elegant, attractive and vivacious yet a modest and genuine person. You despise vulgarity and love the tranquility of the natural world. You’re not very passionate, but you make up for that with your vivid imagination.

You are unpretentious and don’t like things in excess. You have little ambition, but you always create a content and peaceful ambiance with your presence.

5. Cedar Tree (Confidence)

soul tree astrology cedar

You’re a self-confident person who is never shy, always determined and able to make decisions quickly. You have rare strengths, are multi-talented and have great speaking skills, so you can easily impress others. You adapt to new environments quickly and approach things with a healthy optimism.

You expect to be surprised with presents unexpectedly. You have the tendency to look down on others and sometimes you’re very impatient. But you’re diligent and hard working. When it comes to love, you are the type of person who will wait till they find their true love.

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6. Chestnut Tree (Honesty)

soul tree astrology chestnut

You have a strong sense of justice and very sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others. You’re unique and a free-spirit who doesn’t care about impressing others. You’re impressive personality draws people towards you. You’re a natural diplomat and good planner.

You feel irritated easily and at times feel misunderstood too. You are hardworking and fiercely faithful in love. You’re a family oriented person and ensure that you’re physically fit.

7. Cypress Tree (Strength)

soul tree astrology cypress

You’re a strong personality who can adapt well to different circumstances. You strive for happiness, positivity and financial independence. You love to gain wisdom and knowledge. You hate loneliness and always need love and affection.

You accept what life offers you but you have a strong desire for more money and passion, which can impede your search for contentment in life. You can be short-tempered, careless and rowdy at times. You’re faithful and passionate in love, but cannot be satisfied easily.

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