Which Celtic Tree Is Your Personality Most Connected To? Personality Quiz

Which Celtic Tree Personality

Which Celtic Tree Is Your Personality Most Connected To?

Celtic tree astrology is based on the ancient idea that the time of our births is pivotal to the formation of our personality and behavior.

What is a Celtic tree?

Celtic culture always had a special place for trees. Almost all the trees in Celtic countries are considered sacred and treated with great respect and devotion. People believed that these giant trees are the abode of fairies and spirits.

The Celtic tree is known as the Tree of Life and is a symbol of balance and harmony. Ancient celts believed that this tree has some magical powers.  The tree also represents rebirth, strength, wisdom, and long-life. Ancient Celtics felt that the entire universe existed in the form of a tree, where roots represent the past, the trunk represents the present, and branches represent the future and afterlife.

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Unlike other cultures, Celtic culture doesn’t use constellations to devise astrology charts. Instead they use symbols as their trees. The Celtic year consists of 13 lunar months (that represent the cycles of the moon) and each month represented one of the Celtic trees. So, there are 13 astrological signs instead of 12 that most of us are aware of today.

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For each of the 13 moon phases, druids designated a Celtic tree in accordance with its magical properties. Celtic druids noticed that a child born in a certain month of their tree calendar developed certain qualities.

The following quiz forms a connection between your Personality Traits with that of the different types Of Celtic Trees.

So, what Celtic Tree is your personality most connected to? Let me know in the comments.

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 Celtic Tree Personality
What Celtic Tree Are You Connected To Personality Test
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