What Type Of Parent Are You? QUIZ

type of parent are you

Do you know what your kids think of you? How would your child friends describe you? Strict? Cool? Hero? Overprotective? Overwhelmed? Take this quiz to know what type of parent are you!

Parenting is not something that will go according to your next five-year plan. You may encounter different unexpected twists and turns. 

Different parents adopt different parenting styles, which are determined by several factors like their childhood experiences, family stability, emotional health, social life, and many more. While parents teach their kids how to be good, sometimes children teach you how to be parents.  

Imagine you are on a Sunday morning trip to the shops with your children. What will you do if they throw tantrums? You may leave the store, while others may threaten them, some may bribe them with candy. 

What you do and how you behave with your children can have a big impact on your kids’ growth, development, and psychology.

Having a parent who Is controlling and or overly strict lowers a child’s iq and confidence

So, it is important to know what kind of guardian are you. Do you know yourself well? Did you figure it out?

Take This Short Quiz And Clear Your Doubts Real Quick

Hey, this is a just-for-fun quiz and nothing really serious! All you have to do is answer ten questions based on your day-to-day parenting activities. You will have multiple choices for each question, choose the best fit! 

Just chill! No personal data is extracted through this quiz. 
Once done, you will see your parenting style displayed on the screen.  

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Share your results in the comments below and let us know if we nailed it!

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