The Way You Carry Your Bag Reveals Your Personality: Bag Carrying Style Quiz


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The Way You Carry Your Bag

Did you know that the way you carry your handbag says a lot about your personality? Take this bag carrying style test to discover yourself.

So, how do you carry your bag? Behind your back so that you can be carefree or hold it in your hand like a briefcase? Or do you prefer a cross-body style? 

If you are wondering, how that even matters, then please know that the way you move with your handbag says a lot about personality, according to body language expert Patti Wood.

It speaks volumes about your status, your taste, and your outlook on life. Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D. one of the pioneers in the field of body-centering psychotherapy, highlighted different positions to carry a bag and the personality traits associated with it. 

Let’s find out how your bag carrying style reveals your personality and lifestyle.

Handbag Carrying Style Test: How You Carry Your Bag Reveals Your Personality

1. If You Carry Your Bag Behind Your Back

behind your back
What Your Bag Carrying Style Says About You: Handbag Carrying Style Test:

If you carry your bag behind your back, then you are adventurous and independent. You are prepared to travel at any moment and ready for any situation.

You don’t care about what other people think of you. Because your focus is on comfort, style, and being clutter-free. People admire you because you are self-sufficient and reliable. 

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2. If You Carry Your Bag In Your Hand

in your hand
Handbag Carrying Style Test: How You Carry Your Bag Reveals Your Personality

That’s equivalent to carrying a briefcase, but a  fantastic option when your bag is too small. Carrying a bag in your hands is a sign that you want everything to be in your control and your professional life in order.

You always like to be updated about everything and everyone. If the situation demands, you can tell others the whole truth about themselves.

That said, you are a very reliable person, which makes more people reach you for help. People are drawn to you because you are modern, confident, independent, goal-oriented, productive, and have a strong self-image

3. If You Carry Your Bag On Your Shoulder

on your shoulder
What’s Your Bag Holding Style

If you carry your bag on your shoulder, then you are a good reader and tactful. It also indicates that you are carefree, confident, and self-assured. You are a person who prefers functionality over display.

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4. If You Carry Your Bag Over Your Shoulder

over your shoulder

Carrying your bag over your shoulder with the bag in the front is the best way to safeguard valuable possessions in your bag as well as enjoy the freedom of movement.

Easiest and secure, this style of carrying a bag suits those who travel a lot. That also signals your independent self-image.

You come across as a person flaunting the wealth, but you are quite generous. However, cross-body with the bag in the back represents a cool, calm, and collected personality.

5. If You Carry Your Bag On Your Belly

over your belly
The Style Of Carrying Your Bag

People who carry a bag on their stomachs walk very fast and their eccentricities are often beyond any limits. Are you the one? Then you have a quick mind and vivid imagination, which makes you a very interesting person to be with.

However, if your bag is gripped too tightly or pressed against the body, it indicates nervousness or insecurity.

Was that spot on? Let us know in the comments. Make sure to share the article with your friends and folks. 

how you carry your bag pin
Handbag Carrying Style Test: The Way You Carry Your Bag Says About You
The Way You Carry Your Bag Pin
Bag Holding Style: The Way You Carry Your Purse Says A Lot About You
Your Bag Carrying Style Reflects Your Personality pin

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