What The Internet Won’t Tell You About Suicidal Thoughts And How To Fight Them

What The Internet Won’t Tell You About Suicidal Thoughts And How To Fight Them

Are you having recurrent suicidal thoughts?

Here’s what the internet won’t tell you to prevent such thoughts

With the recent deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, suicide has gained a lot of attention on the Internet and social media likewise.

Many people are now talking about the issue and sharing their problems on various social platforms.

This is helping a lot to raise awareness about suicide and making people conscious of how grave a problem it is.

While it might seem great apparently, there are a lot of things that need to be said about suicide but sadly, isn’t being highlighted in the present scenario.

Thereby, we haven’t been able to get a proper idea of how it actually feels like living with suicidal thoughts.

Living with such thoughts means that your mind is being constantly perturbed by thoughts of suicide for days, months or even years.

They can be so persistent that some people might eventually give themselves up to them. Yet, there is hope.

Some people might find it extremely difficult to battle with the pain that they have to endure in their lives.

It becomes so unbearable for them that they have to fight with such thoughts on a daily basis or they might end up committing suicide.

It’s not like that suicidal thoughts bother you for a moment and in the next moment, you are at peace.

The thought that suicide will bring relief crosses your mind continually.

But this is far from the complete story.

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Here are a few tips that can help you cope with suicidal thoughts:

1. Keep a box in which you would keep things that would convince you against suicide. Keep pictures of the people who love you and would not want to lose you. Write letters when you are happy and keep them in the box so that when you read them later you’ll get reasons to live for.

2. Practice meditation and mindfulness. Learn to accept the present no matter how difficult it might be.

3. If you know a person who is suicidal, be by their side and try to help them. Pay attention to their circumstances and don’t treat them by scolding like you would do to a child. Rather ask them how you could be of help to them.

4. Attend DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) which is specifically devised to help a suicidal person cope with their problems. You can even find workbooks on the Internet for free if you can’t afford to pay for it.

5. To feel, you need to be alive first. You can never feel the peace that you think you’d attain by killing yourself if you really die.

6. Before committing any drastic action, take a step back and try to distract your mind. Indulge in activities that give you pleasure and also talk to someone you trust and communicate your feelings to them.

7. When you are too overwhelmed to calm yourself down you can contact the crisis helpline or dial 911. While You can’t do this every day, it does help in cases of emergency when your feelings run out of control.

8. In the end, remember that there are innumerable people out there who have successfully overcome suicidal tendencies. You can be one of them too. Never give up hope.


If you feel triggered after reading this don’t hesitate to contact the crisis hotline by sending a text to the number below.

Text 741741

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What The Internet Won’t Tell You About Suicidal Thoughts
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