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What Makes Letting Go Difficult for an Introvert

What Makes Letting Go for Introvert

Letting go as an introvert is an heart wrenching endeavor….

As I watched the raindrops slid down the window pane, my mind started to also reminisce every single moment I had with him.

Well, this melancholic moment is just a usual part of being an introvert.

If you’re a typical young woman at an adulting stage, you would probably say that, “Breakup is not the end of the world.” You’ll just smile and live life like nothing happened. But for an introvert, this is something they will carry, not for the rest of their lives, but for a very long time. Knowing that it is not easy for an introvert to disclose themselves to a person, most especially in a romantic relationship, the time they have spent to trust a person is also the same when it comes to accepting the fact that someone left them.

They are not the usual kind of people who can suddenly change their mindset and turn the page of the book into the next chapter.

They are not the people who will only shrug it off their shoulders and find another partner whom they can openly give their heart once more. They are not the people who can throw everything all at once and enjoy life again.

Introverts are very serious when it comes to love.

Although it may vary depending on the situation, but an introvert really dives into a person’s soul once they feel that the person is really into them. They will disclose everything about themselves, knowing that the other person will still love them  despite their imperfections. They will try their very best to make you feel secured, loved and taken care of, though at times, them being over thinkers can somehow make their partners feel it the other way around.

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They will always put you on top of her priorities, making you feel like you’re a part of their dream: someone who deserves to be pursued and exerted efforts to win.

Since an introvert knows what it’s like to be alone, they are going to treasure people who simply love them for being the person they are and will always try to keep that person for the rest of her life.

When someone leaves them, this would be one of the worst experiences in their lives.

It’s like abruptly putting an end to one of their greatest sources of happiness; the reason why they smile and the reason why everything makes sense after a very long time of being content with their life as strong independent people. It will change the way they see the world.

At some point, they might feel like they are the worst of all the people in the world for their partner found a reason to leave her. They are going to ask themselves every day on why it had to happen to them.

As they usually disclose almost everything about themselves to their partner, it feels to them like the painful experience has also taken away a huge part of them which almost left them picking up their broken pieces and trying to work on what’s left of them.

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They are going to miss their old selves; loving their partners with everything that they preserved from the beginning: the love, trust, affection, care, and everything that they had promised to just give to the person they thought they could spend the rest of their lives with.

Now, all they can give are just shattered pieces of themselves. They are not whole anymore. They have poured everything for the person they loved and still hoping that their love will lead them back to each other’s arms. Though it may seem impossible, they are never willing to give up – they are going to fight for your love as long as they feel the love that they have felt from the moment they met you.

They are going to prove people how love can surpass everything – that it’s power can go beyond what meets the eye. It has the power to make someone forgive, forget and make reconciliations possible.

The introverts give away so much of themselves to their lovers that letting go seems to be like tearing apart a part of their souls and burning it.

Remember, when introverts learn how to love, they want their and their lover’s worlds to become one. 

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What Makes Letting Go Difficult for an Introvert