What Is REBT And How Does It Work?


How Does It Work?

Ellis believed that most human beings are not aware that lots of their thoughts about themselves are irrational and negatively affect their behavior in relationships and also in different situations. According to Ellis, it is their minds only that lead human beings to go through negative emotions and interact in self-negative behavior.

REBT therapists believe that by figuring out the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive beliefs, one is better capable of accepting their own self and others and, in turn, staying a happier life.

Psychotherapists using REBT teach their sufferers three forms of acceptance:

  • Unconditional Self-Acceptance – I too have flaws – I have negative and positive traits, however, that doesn’t make me any less worthy than every other person.
  • Unconditional Other-Acceptance – Sometimes people won’t deal with me fairly – Though some may not treat me fairly, they’re no less worthy than every other person.
  • Unconditional Life-Acceptance – Life is not usually going to go the way I want. There’s no reason why it ought to pass in the manner I want. I might revel in some unwanted things in life, but life itself is by no means lousy or unbearable and it’s worth living.

The client is asked to spot their irrational philosophies, usually within the sort of a “Must”. There are three different types of Musts.

The first is called a demand on yourself, which might look like, “I MUST get straight As, otherwise I’ll never be good enough”.

The second is a demand you have on others and might look like, “You MUST go out with me, otherwise my world will end”.

The third is called a demand on situations and might look like, “My car MUST not break down on the way to work or else I will give up on an entire day.”

Once these have been identified, the client must question their validity. Why do they believe these to be true? Where is the evidence to prove these philosophies? From there, the client can change these “Musts” into “Preferences”.

REBT tends to work excellent on patients who choose proactive, present-oriented treatment as a means of handling the problems they face in life. It can work for each person facing mental problems, especially things like fear, guilt, hostility, anxiety, depression, and addiction or substance abuse.

Watch out this video for more information on the facts of REBT.

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What Is REBT And How Does It Work?
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