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Toxic Core Beliefs: 9 Ways To Transmute Them

toxic core beliefs

Your core beliefs can be positive or negative, based on your thoughts and experiences. Sometimes, these thoughts can be joyous, and sometimes they can be dark and self-limiting and they can affect your emotional well-being.

When you first dig up the festering mess of your core beliefs from the depths of your being you’ll likely experience one of three emotions: excitement, confusion, or grief – or all three at once.

As one of the most fundamental practices on the inner journey of spiritual awakening, uncovering our toxic core beliefs is definitely not a clean or sanitary path.
But it is vital.

We ALL carry our own devilish assortment of toxic core beliefs that eat away at our sanity on either a conscious or unconscious level. Typically, they influence every level of our being.

To effectively develop self-love, open our hearts to others, and experience the inner peace of Soul-embodiment, we need to turn inwards. We need to illuminate the darkness. Going in search of your core beliefs is one of the most essential paths for true and deep healing because it goes to the center of your suffering.

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What Are Core Beliefs?

Our core beliefs are the unconscious stories, convictions, and judgments we carry about ourselves that define our sense of self. Core beliefs also determine how we feel about others, how happy we are with ourselves, and how we perceive the world at large.

Our core beliefs are even responsible for how successful we are in self-actualizing our deepest dreams and uncovering our personal meaning of life. In short, our core beliefs influence every aspect of our lives. Typically, our core beliefs first develop in childhood and solidify in adulthood.

Core Beliefs And Spiritual Awakening

We heal ourselves on the mental level as we become aware of our core beliefs, release those that limit us, and open to more supportive ideas and greater understanding.
– Shakti Gawain

The whole point of the spiritual awakening journey is to loosen our attachment to that which is false and limiting – and this includes our core beliefs. These core beliefs can become so dense and constricting that they contribute to a Dark Night of the Soul (or spiritual crisis).

In Indian philosophy, core beliefs are related to the idea of samskaras, or patterns of conditioning that we continuously repeat in our lives. To connect with our True Nature, we need to become aware of these inner contractions that tend to undermine, control, and pollute our way of living and being.

Why Your Core Beliefs Are Surprising!

Just when you think you have a pretty good idea of who you are … just when life seems to be going well … everything starts spiraling downwards …

Have you ever felt this way before? (Note: most of us have at some point in our lives!)

We’ve all experienced periods of life where everything is sunshine-and-roses. We seem to be on the right track. And then – out of nowhere – a mysterious depression descends upon us. (Surprise! ) Or we get a huge anxiety attack that cripples our self-esteem. (Surprise!) Or we self-sabotage, attract the wrong person into our lives and make a fool of ourselves. (Surprise!)

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Why does this happen?

You can probably guess what I’m going to say. Yes, our core beliefs are what happened. “But I’ve focused so much on self-growth and spirituality – what’s going wrong?” you might lament. My answer is that, most likely, you haven’t gone deep enough into your psyche to undo your old patterns. Probably, you’ve taken the outside-in approach where you:

  • change your diet
  • take care of your body
  • ‘hack’ (optimize) your daily routines
  • read lots of self-help books
  • do sexy yoga
  • organize your life

… but for the most part, these are all very external or superficial practices. No matter how much you work on your external life, you still find yourself consumed by toxic shame, anger, self-pity, and self-destructive behaviors.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. No one taught you that you need to take the hard path, peek underneath the curtain of your mind, and shine a torch into its deepest recesses. That’s where this article (and the whole website) comes into the picture.

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