6 Unusual Ways To Open The Third Eye (Without Meditating)


Open The Third Eye Without Meditation: Try Unusual Methods

Do you ever wish to open the third eye and use the full power of your sixth sense? Our third eye, also known as the sixth chakra or Ajna chakra, is believed to be an energy center that can allow us to access spiritual connection and cosmic wisdom.

Before getting into the question of how do you open your third eye, let’s understand,

What is the third eye? 

Open the third eye

Researchers from a 2020 study explain that according to Eastern mystic traditions, opening the third eye is a crucial aspect of the process of spiritual enlightenment. “The third eye symbolizes the ability to see unobstructed by the illusions of material reality, particularly as these deceptions pertain to a sense of self or ego,” adds the study.

Located between our eyebrows and associated with the pineal gland, a third eye or the 3rd eye chakra is the energy center that helps us tap into our intuition and improve our awareness, perception, and spiritual communication & abilities. Unfortunately, opening your third eye can be challenging as it often seems out of your reach.

To help you access spiritual insight and wisdom, let us explore some unconventional ways to open the third eye.

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How to open your third eye?

All of us are born with the third eye, even if we may not be aware of it or have the ability to experience it fully. But through practice, we can open our third eye and gain infinite wisdom and insight. 

Wondering how to open your 3rd eye? While meditating, fasting, using essential oils, chanting, and using crystals are great ways to activate your third eye, there are certain unconventional ways to open the third eye that can be just as effective, if not more. 

Here are some weird ways to open your third eye according to Alex McKenna, author of the book ‘Third Eye: Third Eye, Mind Power, Intuition & Psychic Awareness: Spiritual Enlightenment’

1. Let go of everything

Learn to let go of everything that holds you back – all the stress, anxiety, worries, fears, confusion, and conflicts that corrupt and pollute your mind. Instead, learn to relax. “This will give you a sense of liberation,” explains author Alex McKenna.

When you let go of all your mental troubles and “unbecome everything” that you have been told to be, you can tap into your most authentic self in a positive way. It is believed that every human being has different layers that act as barriers resulting in a lot of complications in our lives. It is only by peeling off these layers and barriers that can we live a simpler life where joy exists in almost everything we do or experience. 

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Alex explains “Our multilayered personality has often smothered us and is partially the reason why we are unable to open our third eye.” When we strip ourselves of these unnecessary layers, we get rid of our protective shield which makes us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually vulnerable, and this can propel the activation of our third eye.

The author believes that our personality has a lot of similarities with the Kundalini serpent. Kundalini Shakti is seen as a serpent, latent female energy lying coiled at the base of our spine, according to Yoga. 

As the Kundalini serpent sheds its skin as it moves through the chakras, it becomes larger and stronger. The serpent goes through a process of rebirth, regeneration, transformation, and healing with every shedding and becomes more enlightened. We can also regenerate into a new ‘self’ by shedding our layers and barriers from our minds.

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2. Seek the Dragon Smoke

The what? Searching for the dragon’s smoke refers to searching for knowledge by shifting your mind to the unconscious areas of your brain from the conscious areas. It is about transferring your mind from one mental realm to the other, where you can explore uncharted territories of the mind and then come back to your consciousness again. 

This knowledge enables us to open the third eye and experience enlightenment. According to Chinese literature, “riding on dragons” refers to acquiring the knowledge of the gods and learning the infinite truths of the universe.

You can learn this knowledge by being more creative, through music and art. According to author Alex McKenna, the aesthetics of colors and the frequencies of music can help us look deeper inside and reach new dimensions in our minds. “Riding the dragon makes us look deeper, understand deeper, and read between the lines. It gives us a sense of clarity,” writes Alex.

This will help us learn the truth about the self. Hence, looking inwards into your own mind is an excellent unconventional way to open the third eye.

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3. Practice Counter-Weltanschauung dynamics

Again, what? Author Alex McKenna focuses on some really unconventional ways to open the third eye and this is one of the most effective ways to get started. Weltanschauung, a German term meaning ‘world view’, is a specific philosophy or view of life. It is a comprehensive, intellectual theory of the world, humanity, and solutions to the problems of existence. But can developing counter-weltanschauung beliefs help us open the third eye?

When we practice counter-Weltanschauung dynamics, we can expand our cognitive horizons and become more broad-minded. “By practicing counter-Weltanschauung dynamics, we are able to develop a holistic view of things,” states Alex.  

When we expand our worldview, we can become more aware of our surroundings, understand situations better, empathize with things we couldn’t understand earlier, and “are able to introspect on our true selves.

Gaining a broader view through self-analysis and self-examination can help us to open the third eye and enable us to make better decisions in life that are based on awareness and understanding, not on our cognitive biases. Having an opposing view is crucial to envision and understand our true selves.

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4. Gain a new perspective

Developing a new outlook towards life is one of the simplest yet unconventional ways to open the third eye. Since childhood, we are programmed and conditioned to see the reality of our world in a specific way, as determined by our society and taught by our parents, teachers, and mentors. Our outlook is greatly influenced by their views and beliefs, which prevents us from being our most authentic selves.

Our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and actions are greatly influenced by our perceptions and outlooks. However, our actions always carry a deeper meaning that we may or may not be aware of. As our mental layers and barriers prevent us from seeing the truth of our reality, developing an apocalyptic perspective can help us become a better version of ourselves and gain enlightenment. 

Having an apocalyptic outlook will help allow us to experience the reality governed by the laws of nature and the universe. When we gain different perspectives, we can find balance, harmony, and equilibrium between our thoughts and emotions by looking at everything as they are. Seeing the world through an apocalyptic perspective will open the third eye to reveal a new reality to you. 

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5. Practice Faux pas dynamics

Overthinking is something most of us tie ourselves down with. Moreover, we often underestimate ourselves and overestimate others. We believe challenges and situations are too difficult for us and we may not be capable enough to deal with them. But such beliefs prevent us from opening our third eye. We need to deal with mental health issues properly, avoid our fears and insecurities, look at ourselves in a positive light, and open ourselves to new people and new experiences. We need to stop holding on to grudges and realize that regardless of how difficult the situation may be at present, it will pass eventually. We also need to focus less on being happy and more on inner peace, as happiness is a fleeting emotion. 

Instead of becoming more materialistic, we need to be more mindful and live in the present moment. We need to find joy in the little things instead of suppressing our sorrows and frustrations by buying more new things. We need to pause more often and just breathe. We need to avoid taking everything personally or too seriously.

We must strive to be more humble and tolerant, and respect all human beings and animals more often. We need to be more empathetic and compassionate instead of being selfish. 

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Focus on finding your true self and be sincere in your efforts. live your life the way you want to, not like how your parents or society wants you to. Being your authentic self will enable you to open the third eye – all you need to do is let go of all misconceptions and false beliefs that you hold on to so dearly. 

Be grateful and share happiness. Express yourself clearly, apologize when you need to, forgive when you should, and be spiritual, not religious. Yes, negative emotions and obstacles are a reality of daily life, but you need to redeem and transform yourself by focusing on humor, laughter, honesty, and transparency. Let go of who you believe you should be and just be who you truly are. Do not allow the opinions of others to affect your identity. This is how you open the third eye – by being genuine to yourself.

6. Develop ‘crazy wisdom’

Author Alex McKenna suggests practicing crazy wisdom is an uncommon way to open the third eye. It means to “find that bridge between maturity and youthfulness.When you connect the energy of youthfulness with the wisdom of maturity, you can find balance by understanding both extremes. 

Read more, learn more, do more, contemplate more, make more mistakes, and grow from each failure. Find peace within yourself and gain a better understanding of life and people. Think before you act but also be spontaneous. Find the middle ground between madness and rationality. Avoid living in the past or worrying about the future, instead be a visionary with conviction and forethought. 

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Instead of pursuing perfection, accept yourself as you are – with your imperfections, flaws, and shortcomings. 

Avoid being a sheep and blindly following the crowd. Ignite your curiosities and question everything. This is how you can gain better clarity about life and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, which can open the third eye. 

Third eye awakening: Activate your third eye & transform your life

Opening your 3rd eye is possible, whether you use proven traditional techniques or unconventional ones. Although it can require some time, effort, and patience, the techniques mentioned above can help you to activate pineal gland and tap into your sixth sense. Opening your third eye can help you to:

  • Strengthen intuition
  • Improved sense of self
  • Reduce mental blockages
  • Increase creativity
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Improve concentration
  • Get better sleep
  • Strengthen psychic awareness
  • Improve immunity

So, now we hope you are clear on how to open up your third eye. Opening your third eye can also change your perspective and enhance your spiritual abilities as well. So let go of all that is blocking your 3rd eye opening, and open the third eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you see invisible entities with an open third eye?

Yes, you can. Opening the third eye gives you access to the spiritual world and the ability to see spiritual entities like angelic beings, spirits, etc. Your third eye allows you to see everything in the realms hidden from us normally.

How do you open your 3rd eye with a ritual? 

There is no specific ritual for opening the third eye. It can be activated through certain practices such as meditating, using crystals, chanting, sun gazing, using essential oils, following a specific diet, etc.

How do you protect yourself when opening your third eye?

You don’t need to protect yourself, particularly when opening your third eye as you become an enlightened being. Third eye chakra activation is associated with enlightenment and the attainment of cosmic wisdom. Hence, you are already in a different state and don’t require any specific protection. 

Is it necessary to meditate with crystals to open the third eye?

Although meditating with a crystal-like Amethyst can help to balance and open your third eye, it is not necessary. There are many effective ways to open your third eye other than using crystals, such as breathwork, chanting, hand gestures, Kundalini yoga, paying attention to your dreams, etc.

Can you close your third eye?

Yes, you can close your third eye as it is a chakra. Simply avoid all your spiritual experiences and eventually your third eye will close down. However, anyone who has managed to open their third eye will never want to close this chakra and lose their spiritual abilities.

Can you see your spirit guide without opening your third eye?

The simple answer is no. Your third eye is a part of your chakra system, while a spirit guide is a higher-dimensional being. Our third eye chakra gives clarity about the perception of reality, while our spirit guides help us in navigating through our lives.

What does it mean when you see white light coming from your third eye and projecting outwards?

Many people experience intense light during meditation, however, stimulation of the pineal gland through meditation can also lead to visions of bright light which is believed to indicate the opening of the third eye. 

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