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10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker

Signs You An Independent Thinker

You don’t follow the crowd, do you?

People who don’t follow the crowd are the ones who pave new paths. Here are some other quick signs you are an independent thinker and following the herd like a sheep is not in your genes –

  • You don’t ‘obey’ or follow orders simply because you were asked to
  • You don’t get swayed by anyone’s opinions until it’s based on facts
  • You never act or behave out of character due to peer pressure
  • You don’t trust anyone, even authority figures, blindly
  • You have a flexible and open mind & approach towards life
  • You believe in solving problems, rather than highlighting problems.
  • You don’t hold any strong views on religion or politics
  • You read a lot about things you don’t know
  • You are highly confident of yourself
  • You don’t prefer stereotypes or labels 
  • You ask a lot of questions

These are only some of the ways to become an independent thinker as one can think freely in any way they want simply by being creative.

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10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker
10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker

Independent thinking makes the world go round

Independent thinker traits make you loyal to your own self. It shows that you think for yourself regardless of who is against you. When we don’t think for ourselves, we allow other people to influence our thoughts and control our lives. When we don’t think for ourselves, we can’t speak our mind, which in turn prevents us from making our own decisions. 

However, when you think freely and share your unique beliefs with others, you add value to your community. Not only you can help others gain a new perspective, you can enhance your sense of self-worth and experience satisfaction, instead of frustration. By learning to identify the signs you are an independent thinker, you can hone your critical thinking abilities and stand out from the crowd always.

But by blindly following orders, we stop ourselves from seeking answers to questions that arise from deep within us. This leads to poor quality and ineffective thinking that results in horrible decisions, catastrophic behaviors and negative actions in both our personal and professional lives.

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However, independent thinkers know how to change their thoughts and beliefs when presented with facts and new information. They don’t tie their ego or sense of self worth with their personal beliefs, as they are more concerned with the truth than with being right.

Independent thinking empowers you to become a victor instead of being a victim. 

So go ahead and think. Think free and for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is an example of independent thinking?

Reading wisely is an example of thinking independently. Reading helps to expand our knowledge and understanding. By reading books or articles, one can gain new perspectives and change their views, when they are wrong.

What does it mean to be an independent critical thinker?

An independent critical thinker has independent and reflective thought patterns and uses reason to make clear decisions and judgments. They are more reliant on themselves for making decisions than on others’ opinions.

What makes a person an independent thinker?

Having an open mind, a tendency to verify facts and the ability to make decisions for oneself is what makes someone an independent thinker. They are capable of original and intelligent thinking as they think as an individual, for themselves.

Signs You An Independent Thinker pin
10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker
Signs An Independent Thinker pin
10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker
Signs You Are An Independent Thinker pin
10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker
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