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What A Man Looks For In A Woman Based on His Zodiac Sign

What A Man Looks For In A Woman Based on His Zodiac Sign

What A Man Looks For In A Woman?

Relationships are not an easy affair. It’d be great if we had come to this world knowing whom we should date and marry – but it’s not like that. Relationships are not very logical – they involve a lot of luck.

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A terrible matchmaking past

In the past, matchmakers and parents interfered and bound strangers in a marital bond. The results – unhappy marriages which made unhappy people and children. Thankfully, times have changed and now we have a say in our marriage. But the difficulty still remains.

What if our opinions don’t match with our partners? What are the qualities that we should look for in someone that can easily go along with ours?

What A Man Looks For In A Woman Based on His Zodiac Sign

Relationships are no joke

There have been so many times that supposed soulmates turned out exactly the opposite. From abusive relationships to relationships where love is no longer there – matches can become toxic and unfair. Sometimes they don’t work out and just ruin us and our future. We should try to form a union with someone who would build us. No partner should pull us down or make our lives difficult. Relationships should help us grow – not make us feel bad about ourselves.

Astrology comes to the rescue

Don’t burden yourself with too much worry. Thankfully, astrology has the answer to most of our relationship problems. Astrology gives us a close sneak peek into who we are. It knows us better than we know ourselves. Now, with the help of astrology you can get to know what kind of woman each zodiac sign craves for:

1. A competitive woman for an Aries man

An Aries man loves challenges. He doesn’t go for a woman that will keep him from achieving his goal. Neither should she let him get what he wants easily. Make everything a challenge for the Aries man and he would love it. For that, you have to be very competitive. Get what you want and show the Aries man that you are worth it.

2. A down-to-earth woman for a Taurus man

Sensual and generous, a Taurus man craves for a woman of the earth. She should be kind and not high-maintenance. Little things will matter to her and that makes her attractive to a Taurus man. She is kind and calm and her calmness makes her the best person to have a conversation with.

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3. Intellectual women for a Gemini Man

You need to be able to talk about substantial stuff if you want a Gemini man. Intellectual and smart, nothing can draw a Gemini man towards you except a good conversation that adds to their mental growth. Hold their attention by having a sense of humor, innovative discussions, and intelligence that can make your Gemini man just swoon over you.

Watch the video to know zodiac signs that make perfect couples:

4. A motherly woman for a Cancer Man

Emotions rule the Cancer man – he needs someone who could take care of them. Cancer needs a maternal figure – someone who could show them the right way and give them advice on their life. They need criticism, and if you can show them the way, they will love you endlessly for it.

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5. An all-rounder for a Leo Man

Leo always needs to be in the limelight, and no surprise, he needs his woman to be the same – the whole package with beauty, brains, and fun. She should support him and not let his limelight dim down in her presence. However, you should not try to dominate the lion in Leo – be a partner, not a teacher.

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6. A thorough woman for a Virgo Man

The critical Virgo knows exactly what they want from a woman. Their standards are already set in their head – is independent, can take care of herself and is smart. Match all three and you bag your Virgo man. Make sure you are confident and know your self-worth. Then, even when your Virgo man gets harsh with you, you can keep your head high and tackle his harshness. That’s exactly what he would like from you.

7. A balanced woman for a Libra man

Libra go for the well-balanced. They find themselves dealing with everything – being socially adept, charming, and fair when it comes to their judgments. For a Libra Man, the woman should be attractive in her own way. She should be composed and not too aggressive. Her judgments should not be one-sided. Don’t tip to any side with your bias, and you will have the Libra man’s attention on you.

8. A self-dependent woman for a Scorpio man

Scorpio comes with passion. They are always burning with it, and they would not like a woman that wants to put it off. A Scorpio man craves for a woman who will keep her own passion alive and yet support him to the fullest to get what he wants. She will be a fuel to his passionate flame. He wants the independent woman who knows her stuff and could help him too. They should be capable enough to blaze together.

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9. An enthusiastic woman for a Sagittarius man

Adventures make a Sagittarius go weak at their knees. They are attracted to new places, new people, even new ideas. Their enthusiasm for life is always on the high. To pair up with a Sagittarius man, you need the same energy that they bring onto the table. Keep up with their zeal for life and you’ll be the apple of their eye.

10. A sociable woman for a Capricorn Man

The thoughtful Capricorn remains silent. Ideas are always revolving in his head. But they don’t want someone like themselves. A Capricorn man needs someone who could break them from their conservative side and reveal the fun hidden inside them. Confidence and dependability would be a great fit for their partner, but they should be sociable and friendly. How else could they break this tough cover of the Capricorn man?

11. An unorthodox woman for an Aquarius man

The unconventional Aquarius man would not be satisfied with the normal. They need a woman with a bit of a difference. She should have opinions of course, and interests – but they should not align with the general crowd. She’s the one who takes the road not generally taken and he will be her partner-in-crime. Bringing uniqueness in their lives would a mutual challenge for them.

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12. A loving woman for Pisces man

A Pisces man flies in their own dreams. Creativity keeps them away from the ground but that’s not the thing they want from a woman. He wants a dreamy companion, who can also place them back on the ground and not let them escape into their dreams. He wants care and love and her woman should make sure he is enveloped with it.
Astrology can bring together great matches that won’t make you regret your date. Of course, there are many other factors that come into play, but using astrology to find the man or woman of your dreams is a great way to begin a stable relationship.

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The Type of Woman A Man Needs Based on His Zodiac Sign
What A Man Looks For In A Woman Based on His Zodiac Sign


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