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The Unique Type D Personality: Positive And Negative Traits Of This Grounded Type

Type D Personality Traits

The unique Type D personality.

Each personality type has their own unique approach to life. While some of these approaches may overlap, a Type C personality is not the same as a Type D personality or vice versa. 

It’s important to be aware of the differences among personality types. 

Likewise, we must find appreciation for each one’s strengths and weaknesses as they can teach us a lot about the people in our lives. 

Even if we don’t agree with someone’s outlook, we should still come to understand it. 

The four personality types of A, B, C, and D aim to give us a simplified overview of the possible personalities around us. 

One of the hardest types to understand is the Type D personality. 

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What is a Type D personality?

The ‘D’ in this case refers to ‘distressed’ behavior and thoughts. 

This means that people with a Type D personality generally have a lot of worry and anxiety about the situations and people in their life. As a result, they dislike frequent change and strive for stability.

For the Type D personality, the most important feeling is that of security. 

They desire longevity in their jobs and relationships, wanting things to stay the way they are if that’s what makes them comfortable. 

Repetition is a big part of the Type D’s everyday life and they have no problem with it. 

You probably won’t find a Type D that appreciates spontaneity or high risk. They always want to feel safe, in control, and without conflict. 

The Type D personality is often considered to be a debbie downer because of their pessimistic view on life. 

However, this is their way of protecting themselves from disappointments in life. 

Whether it works or not, a Type D is heavily concerned with appearing to be strong. 

Sometimes the Type D personality is prone to being used because of their desire to please everyone. 

Nonetheless, they are serious about caring for others. 

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Positive Type D Personality Traits

1. Dependability

Consider yourself to be very lucky if you have a Type D friend in your life. It’s safe to assume that you can always count on them, even at a moment’s notice. 

They pride themselves on being good caregivers and will stop at nothing to make sure that you’re okay. Their reliability is a reflection of their desire for security — they will give to others what they expect for themselves. 

2. Compassion

A Type D personality involves high levels of empathy and compassion. They find it easy to understand where other people are coming from and are non-judgmental of the experiences of others. 

Their kind and caring nature is admired by many. No one has as much compassion as a Type D person and they are very trustworthy. 

3. Good work ethic

Since the Type D personality does well with repetition, they are very good at jobs associated with consistent tasks. They won’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over, but rather prefer it this way. 

They often want the approval of their boss and co-workers and while this can be unhealthy, it guarantees that they will give their best effort in whatever they do.

4. Laid-back

Type D personalities are focused on keeping tensions low and relaxation high. They feel best in a calm environment that doesn’t ask too much of them. 

That said, their self-care is usually a priority. This relaxed personality trait adds to their ability to actively listen to others and be a supportive person. If the chaos of the day-to-day ever becomes too much, they know how to get grounded. 

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