What Is Your Four Temperaments Personality Type? Quiz

Four Temperaments Personality Type

Are you enthusiastic, relaxed, analytical, or short-tempered? The Four Temperaments of personality enable us to know why we are the way we are. Take this Four Temperaments quiz to know which temperament reflects you.

What is temperament?

Our temperament develops during infancy and keeps improving as we grow up. Research has shown that our temperament usually doesn’t change over time. It primarily enables us to understand and decide how we might respond and react to certain circumstances. It helps us to identify constant personality traits.

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According to a 2001 study, brain arousal systems determine different temperament types and the major dimensions of personality. It indicates that brain-stem processes tend to determine our temperament. All of us have a unique brain stem that remains consistent throughout our lives.

So what is your temperament type? Take the Four Temperaments to test below to find out right now.

The four temperaments

The four temperaments of personality is a proto-psychological theory which shows that there are four basic personality types:

  • Sanguine or The High I (enthusiastic, active, and social)
  • Choleric or The High D (short-tempered, fast, and irritable)
  • Melancholic or The High C (analytical, wise, and quiet)
  • Phlegmatic or The High S (relaxed and peaceful)

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However, some of these temperaments tend to overlap in most people as they have a combination of the personality types. The four temperaments were originally explained by the Greek physician Hippocrates and were included as a part of humorism, an ancient medical concept. According to the theory, it believed that human behaviours and personality traits are influenced by four bodily fluids, namely –

  • Blood (Sanguine)
  • Phlegm (Phlegmatic)
  • Yellow bile (Choleric)
  • Black bile (Melancholic)

Although modern medical science doesn’t agree that there is any relationship between personality traits and internal secretions, most psychological personality type systems include categories derived from the four temperaments.

So if you are keen on finding out which type of personality you have based on the ancient Greek four temperaments of personality theory, then jump on the Four Temperaments test below.

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Take the Four Temperaments quiz

This Four Temperament test has been carefully developed to help you understand what type of temperament and personality you have. Moreover, it will also help you realize how it can impact your life. This simple, yet effective quiz will enable you to realize your true personality traits and help you to access various aspects of your personality to experience a more meaningful life.

So take the Four Temperaments test below and simply answer a few questions related to your personality and preferences with an open mind.

As it is intended as a fun exercise, don’t take it too seriously. Answer the questions as honestly as you can and you will be surprised by how accurate the answers are.

Go ahead & get started.

Make sure to share your result with your friends.


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What Is Your Four Temperaments Personality Type? Quiz
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What Is Your Four Temperaments Personality Type? Quiz

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