11 Things That Are True Only For Genuine Friendships

11 Things That Are True Only For Genuine Friendships

6. Their Company Makes You Relaxed and Happy, Not Stressed and Demotivated

A meeting with a real friend will always leave you positive, rejuvenated and happy. A genuine friendship between two people will happen when their energy levels are matched. Or else, one person will be giving away energy and positivity while the other one will be taking it without giving back. To understand, if you have a real friendship with someone, just figure out how you feel every time you meet them. When your friendship is true, you feel excited and inspired about life and not sad and demotivated.

7. They Talk to the Point When They are Worried About Your Well-Being.

Your true friend will never try to appease you or flatter you with untrue words. They will be straight, sharp and blatant if they feel they need to awaken you and put you on the right track. Their words may hurt sometimes, but when a true friend does this to you, somewhere deep down your heart you know they mean well. After all, how many people care to tell us the right things because they want us to make the correct choices and be better individuals.

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8. They are Never Offended by Your Mistakes

They know you are not perfect and so is not everyone else. Being in genuine friendship doesn’t mean walking on a tight rope. That is what you will know because you will never need to be something else to gain their approval. Your friend knows, that at times you will be at your worst, but for that they don’t expect a big apology from you. They keep it behind them, because they know your intentions are not bad even though you make mistakes.

9. They Never Talk Behind Your Back

Genuine friends will NEVER ever backbite you. You are not their subject of gossip and if they don’t like something about you they will speak to you about it. Your genuine friend loves you enough not to malign your image behind your back. They would try to remove misunderstandings by holding a rational discussion directly.

10. They are Never Jealous of Your New Found Friendships

Jealousy has no place in real friendship. You will sense that your true friend is never insecure about your new friendship relations. They don’t feel upset if you try to make new friends or take up new activities or hobbies because they have trust in you and the relationship you share with them. They know you don’t have to be in touch with each other all the time to authenticate the friendship.

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11. Lifetime of Private Jokes and Funny memories

You have countless memories with them because even you don’t know how much time you have spent in each others company by just being silly and laughing and cracking jokes. These memories remind you of your true friends and you want to meet them once again to create a lifetime of happy memories.

11 Things True About Genuine Friendships
11 Things That Are True Only For Genuine Friendships
11 Things That Are True Only For Genuine Friendships

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