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7 Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend

Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend

Cherish the friendship you have with your blunt friend because they are always going to be the most real and loyal friend you will ever have. They will always call a spade, a spade without feeling the need to skirt around the truth.

It’s human nature to fall for sweet talks. We are often deceived by the bunch of people who come to us with sugar-coated words and honey dripping out of their tongues. These friends, however, don’t want any good for us and you can never trust them.

On the other hand, blunt people are often avoided when it comes to selecting a friend because let’s get serious, no one likes to listen to straight talks and break the goodie image that we have of ourselves in our head. However, everyone needs a blunt friend in their lives, so that you will always have someone to tell you the real truth.

Read on to know more about why having a blunt friend is not as bad as it’s portrayed to be, and why you should always cherish and respect your blunt friend.

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7 Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend

1. They Are Always Honest

The blunt friend always knows that the truth is going to hurt you but they are the kind of people who will speak it in your face anyway. And think about it, an honest opinion helps you in a long run, no matter how far you run away from it.

It helps you in your near future and there is no better person than a blunt friend to tell you about your shortcomings on your face.

7 Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend
Respect your blunt friend

2. They Are Very Open about Sharing Their Thoughts

A blunt person always believes in things that are either right or wrong, there is no in between. If they believe that they are correct then they’ll let you know and if something is wrong then they won’t hesitate to share their real thoughts.

3. They are Fun to be With

Your blunt friend is the kind of person who can tell you what exactly wrong is with you in a manner that you won’t stop from laughing your guts out. They are also the best drinking buddies.

4. They Never talk Behind your Back

Your blunt friend will always speak their minds and hearts out. If you are friends with a blunt person then stay assured that your shortcomings will be told on your face instead of shit-talking behind your back.

People who talk all sweet also have a habit of bitching about you when you are not around. Having a straightforward person as your best friend saves you from this risk.

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5. You’ll enjoy the Purest Version of Friendship

Being best friends with a blunt person gives you the feeling of having a true friend in every sense. They will have the most honest opinions of you and they will always believe in what you can do. Every time you feel like you can’t do something, they will push you to give your best and achieve all your goals.

6. They Know How to Start a Conversation

Always trust a blunt person to break the ice and start a conversation. All they need is to give you an honest opinion and the conversation gets going. They know when and how to point at the elephant in the room and let everyone know about it.

7 Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend
Blunt friends make the best friends

7. And Their Friendship is Legit

And when you know that you are with someone honest, who has no hidden agenda behind their friendship, then you know that this is the most legit form of friendship that you are ever going to experience.

So the next time, when you have to select between a rude, honest friend and someone with honey-coated sugar dripping words, you know who to choose and go have a few bottles of beer with.

7 Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend
Everyone needs a blunt friend
7 Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend
Blunt friends make the best friends
Reasons Cherish Blunt Friend pin
Having a blunt friend
Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend pin
Blunt friends make the best friends
Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend pin

67 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Cherish Your Blunt Friend”

  1. Avatar of Teresa Lewis

    A blunt friend isn’t what you need. Blunt people usually don’t like blunt friends themselves so being blunt with them will not be received well as they give it but won’t take it. They claim not to sugar coat their words but what they are really doing is pouring vinegar all over them.

    1. Avatar of Teresa Lewis

      And how do you know if a blunt person is talking ill of you behind your back. Very often they are and saying much worse things than they say to your face.

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