The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship


Things True Only For Genuine Friendships

Not everyone is blessed with genuine friendships in their life. Do you think you have true friends in your life? In this article, we will explore the characteristics of a true friend and the signs of a genuine friendship. 

The relationship of friendship is a true gift to mankind. But our generation has forgotten to embrace the true essence of this relationship. We make relationships both offline and online very easily, and most of the time, these relationships are anything but genuine.

While the list of online friends might be longer, all are not true friends. Offline we have friends we might not be very comfortable with. While we pour our hearts freely into our online friends – they usually ain’t the ones who stand with us in our real fights.

Whatever the case may be, there are a few things, which definitely draw a line between fake and genuine friendships, and with Friendship Day 2023 almost knocking on the door, it’s important to know which friends are real and which ones, not so much.

Want to know more about the signs of a genuine friend? Read on to know more about the characteristics of a true friend. 

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The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship

1. They Accept Both the Good and the Bad in You

This is one of the major characteristics of a true friend. 

They never strive to change you. They accept you as you are, including your flaws and oddities. Of course, they may like many things about you, like what you say or the way you do things, but, they neither scorn you for those things nor try to change your personality.

Around them, you feel free and relieved, because, in this hard and cruel world, you have found that one person who can notice positive things about you that even you didn’t know existed.

Genuine Friendships
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship

2. They are Your ‘All Weather’ Friends

Genuine friendships never wither away with time, but rather become stronger. Your true friend will never leave you in your bad times and be with you all the way. You will find them both in your good and bad times.

Your real friend will never leave you in the darkness but usher you back to optimism and light. On the other hand, fake friends are opportunists and will feign friendship as long as things are good in your life. Such people are around someone as long as they can get what they want. Helping others, and seeing a friend through bad times is never a part of their plans.

3. They Celebrate Your Achievements From Their Heart

This is one of the most subtle signs of a genuine friend. 

Fake friends cannot accept your success even if they try to show they do. They feel jealous and are disapproving of your success. A genuine friend will not only be happy with your achievement but will also celebrate your success with you.

To understand if your friends are real or not, try to sense who is happy for you and is able to take your achievements from heart. The fact is who is your true friend? Time will reveal who is an authentic friend and who is a fake one.

Genuine Friendships
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship

4. They Know You Better Than Anyone Else

If anyone in the world knows your deepest secrets, your fantasies, your peculiarities, it is your friend with whom you are most comfortable. They know you inside out because with them you have shared the most memorable moments of your childhood, the embarrassing incidents you won’t dare tell anyone else.

They know you to your core but are never judgmental about anything. You can easily spot these differences and you can tell who is a fake friend and who is a real one.

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5. They Make Plans To Meet And Spend Time With You, Just As You Do

You love to talk to your friends and want to hang around with them whenever you can make time. But this effort shouldn’t be only from your side.

If you have friends who make it a point to call you now and then to ask how you are and make plans to meet up, they are putting equal effort to maintain the friendship, and this is one of the most important signs of genuine friendships.

They don’t talk to you whenever it is convenient for them but make sure to be in touch because they care for you and want you to be a part of their life.

Genuine Friendships
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship

6. Their Company Makes You Relaxed and Happy, Not Stressed and Demotivated

A meeting with a real friend will always leave you feeling positive, rejuvenated, and happy. A genuine friendship between two people will happen when their energy levels are matched.

Or else, one person will be giving away energy and positivity while the other one will be taking it without giving back. To understand, if you have a real friendship with someone, just figure out how you feel every time you meet them. When your friendship is true, you feel excited and inspired about life and not sad and demotivated.

7. They Talk to the Point When They Are Worried About Your Well-Being.

Your true friend will never try to appease you or flatter you with untrue words. They will be straight, sharp, and blunt if they feel they need to awaken you and put you on the right track.

Their words may hurt sometimes, but when a true friend does this to you, somewhere deep down in your heart you know they mean well. After all, how many people care to tell us the right things because they want us to make the correct choices and be better individuals.

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8. They are Never Offended by Your Mistakes

This is one of the major characteristics of a true friend. 

They know you are not perfect and so is not everyone else. Having genuine friendships in your life means you don’t have to keep walking on a tightrope. That is what you will know because you will never need to be something or someone else to gain their approval.

Your friend knows, that at times you will be at your worst, but for that, they don’t expect a big apology from you. They choose to deal with it and move on, because they know your intentions are not bad even though you make mistakes.

Genuine Friendships
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship

9. They Never Talk Behind Your Back

Genuine friends will NEVER ever backbite about you. You are not their subject of gossip and if they don’t like something about you they will speak to you about it.

Your genuine friend loves you enough not to malign your image behind your back. They would try to remove misunderstandings by holding a rational discussion directly.

10. They are Never Jealous of Your New Found Friendships

Jealousy has no place in real friendship. You will sense that your true friend is never insecure about your new friendship relations.

They don’t feel upset if you try to make new friends or take up new activities or hobbies because they have trust in you and the relationship you share with them. They know you don’t have to be in touch with each other all the time to authenticate the friendship.

11. Lifetime of Private Jokes and Funny Memories

You have countless memories with them because even you don’t know how much time you have spent in each other’s company just being silly and laughing and cracking jokes. 

These memories remind you of your true friends and you want to meet them once again to create a lifetime of happy memories.

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So did you relate to any of these signs of a genuine friendship? If yes, then on this Friendship Day, dedicate this article to all those genuine friendships you have in your life to show them how much you appreciate them. Share your thoughts below in the comments! And a very Happy Best Friend Day AKA, Happy Friendship Day!

The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship pin
The Anatomy Of Genuine Friendships: 11 Signs Of An Authentic Friendship
signs of a genuine
Signs Of A Genuine Friend, Happy Best Friend Day, Happy Friendship Day, Friendship Day, Friendship Day 2023

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