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7 Traits You Are a Deep Thinker

They don’t need anyone to entertain them because they are passionate for more than enough things to make life interesting.

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6. You are a problem solver.

Because deep thinking is their way of life, deep thinkers have a knack for problem-solving. They don’t have a hard time seeing the bigger picture.

They easily see the patterns and potential obstacles much quicker than others. People love them for having the patience to see every possible solution from different angles.

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When you’re stuck, seek help from deep thinkers. Not only that, you also can rely on them to check the last minute details. Just don’t demand and have the patience to wait.


7. You are socially awkward.

In a sense, deep thinkers aren’t conformist. You don’t expect them to act in culturally accepted norms and behaviors. Small talks don’t interest them. It takes important matters to make them speak.

Even in elevators, they’re as comfortable as a baby in silence. They don’t find any awkwardness in silence because it’s the best time for them to get to their deepest thoughts.

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Because they quickly disengage from gossips and mundane talks, people misunderstood them as snobby or aloof.

People who see them this way fail to enjoy their down to earth, pragmatic, and genuine souls. The truth is they don’t see talking about people behind their backs as a brilliant idea.

Deep thinkers love to connect with someone on a deeper level. Thus, they mostly prefer one-on-one conversations about subjects that would either excite you or scare you!

Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood.” ― FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

Published with Permission

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