10 Examples Of Toxic Femininity That Should Be Called Out Now

Toxic Femininity Should Be Called Out Now

Times are changing, and the world is slowly waking up, and accepting the fact that women deserve to be treated the same way as men, and it’s high time women are made to feel like humans, rather than people who are second to men. But, like everything in this world, there is always some bad along with the good. There are many women in this society who end up being prime examples of toxic femininity, and always focus on putting other women down.

Just like toxic masculinity has proved to be a detrimental thing for the progress of human society, toxic femininity also ends up causing a lot of harm to it. If you are wondering what is toxic femininity, and whether it is as bad as it sounds, then yes, it is. Sometimes, it’s worse than toxic masculinity, because, at the end of the day, when it’s women pulling other women down, you can understand how problematic it is.

Here Are 10 Specimens Of Toxic Femininity That People Think Are Not A Big Deal

1. “I am not like other girls.

When you make a statement like this, you are basically putting down other women who might differ from you, in order to make yourself look good. Every woman is different, and by explicitly stating that you are not “like them”, you are implying that there is something wrong with them and that they deserve the judgment they face from the society.

2. “She is so dumb, isn’t she?”

Even today most men consider women to be dumb, and intellectually stunted. This toxic kind of social conditioning is hard to get out of, but what makes matters worse is when women participate in making fun of other women, just to stay in the good books of men.

Some of them feel that men are attracted to women who compete with each other, but if you look at the bigger picture, you are playing a big part in the ongoing vilification of women.

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3. “Your life will be incomplete without kids.”

Now, having kids is an amazing thing, and parenthood can truly enrich your life. But it’s unfair when women who do not like kids or don’t have any plans of having kids, are made to feel guilty, and bad about it. So many women out there make such women feel as if their lives are incomplete, just because they don’t have children.

Having children can be a beautiful thing, but they are not the be-all and end-all of a woman’s life.

4. “Strong women scare men off.”

If this is actually true, then so be it. Women who tell other women to dumb themselves down, because they feel that men are intimidated by intelligent and strong women, are the flag bearers of toxic femininity.

When you tell a woman to not be as smart as a man or stop them from standing up for themselves, you are basically telling them that women are supposed to be inferior to men. The right man will never be “scared off” by a woman with brains, and a strong personality; he will rather embrace her and be proud of his partner/spouse for being the person she is.

Toxic Femininity
10 Examples Of Toxic Femininity That Should Be Called Out Now

5. “Real women should be curvy.”

In which manifesto is it written that women who are curvy, are “real” women? Every woman has a different body type, and every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. So when you are associating their body types with them being real or not, you are telling them that they need to be better.

Just like insulting overweight people for their weight is body shaming, so is insulting women who are thin, or do not have “curves”. Body shaming is not limited to a certain body type only, you know.

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