When You Think You Are Too Broken To Be Loved Remember These 6 Things


When You Think You Are Too Broken To Be Loved Remember These 6 Things

Do you think you are too broken to be loved? This goes out to each and every woman who believes that her brokenness makes her unworthy of love. It goes out to remind them that they deserve every bit of love and happiness that comes their way, just like everybody else.

I know you think you’re scary and damaged. It makes you think you don’t deserve good things, but you do. And Derek, he’s bad for you. But me, I’m a good thing. And if this is a race, if there is a ring, my hat is in.”
Grey’s Anatomy

I know how hard it is to keep oneself from being overwhelmed by self-doubt. When a person has been hurt multiple times, they begin to believe that they did something to deserve that pain.

Subsequently, they start thinking that they are unworthy of anything remotely positive. But this only keeps you stuck in a cycle of self-destruction, leading to more unhappiness that you’ll know how to handle. It’s time to make a change.

When you are having a difficult time trying not to hate yourself for everything that has gone wrong in the past, I need you to think about this…

1.  You are worthy of so much more than you know

When you become extremely insecure about yourself, you’ll start thinking that settling for whatever you can get is for the best because there is no way you’ll get something better. You might have messed up before and caused pain to others without really understanding the consequences of your acts. Those thoughts might be haunting you day and night.

It is time to stop taunting yourself about your failures. There is no point worrying about all the pain you might have caused because the past is the past. You cannot go back in time and change it. It’s important to remember that you have changed. You’ve become better than you were and you need to remember that you can find redemption by letting go of your past self. Free yourself from that identity and the thought that you are too broken to be loved – and create a new one that you can love.

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2.  Love is always just around the corner, waiting

The thing is, you probably don’t need me to tell you all the things I’ve said so far and the things I’m going to say. Somewhere inside, you are well aware that you are worthy of so much more than you’re settling for. You are just too scared to take that chance because you don’t think you’ll be able to handle it if you can’t sustain the good things that you have.

You’ve buried this thought – “I am too broken to be loved” deep down and I hope that reading this helps you dig those thoughts back up. Sometimes you need to risk everything to be happier in life. You are destined for love just like everyone else but if you want it, you need to reach out and take it. Only you can conquer the fear that is holding you back from happiness.

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3.  I see your future in the marks you bear

Like I said earlier, you can’t let your past self-control the way you define your present. Wrongs might have been committed but there is no point letting them come back to haunt you over and over again. When you look into the mirror and you find it hard to accept that that person in its reflection is really you that means you have changed and become the person you were meant to become for all these years.

I know you spend time regretting all the things you have done and all the pain you have caused. But just takes these memories as lessons and learn them well so that you never make the same mistakes again and can keep others from doing so as well.

4.  I can also see where you are coming from

Remember to be grateful to have had the experiences that you did have. It might have been a hard and difficult time but the past taught you all the lessons you needed to know to become this better version of yourself. You have become much more than the person you were then and this change also serves to help you accept the love you will soon find.

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5. Yes, you have flaws

None of us is perfect. You will always have some imperfections and that is okay because you would not be human otherwise. When you think about all the things that make you doubt the person you are, all the things you now know you should have done differently, all the choices you want to be undone, all the wrong men you’ve dated, just remember that these experiences were essential.

You have flaws, but not too broken to be loved. They were essential because, without them, you would not be the wonderful soul that you grew up to be. When the time is right, you’ll meet the person you are destined for.

6.  You are worthy of so much more than mediocrity

There’s no need for you to settle down with someone who upsets you most of the time and tries to manipulate you for their own games. Instead of thinking you are too broken to be loved, look for someone who will truly love you for the person that you are, who comes up with a variety of ways to show you just how much he cares for you every single day.

Don’t listen to that voice in your head that is constantly putting you down. It is not telling you the truth and it will not help you be better. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness. You must first be able to forgive yourself if you ever want to move one. As soon as you do that, your life will transform. Be proud of the marks that your struggles have left and look at yourself kindly when you look in the mirror. You will find love and respect because others will be able to see that you have braved your demons and won against them.

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This has been said much better by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross:

The most beautiful people we have known are those who know defeat. Know to suffer. Know struggle. Know a loss. And have found their ways out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation. A sensitivity. And an understanding of life that fills them with compassion. Gentleness. And a deep loving concern. Beautiful people don’t just happen.

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To The Woman Who Believes She Is Too Broken To Deserve Love
When You Think You Are Too Broken To Be Loved Remember Pin

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