10 Reasons Why Your Best Relationship Will Be With A Girl Who Was Broken Once

She’s been broken but she survived, became stronger and she is now trying to live her life to the fullest because she understands how precious and fleeting it is. And when you learn everything about her, you’ll also learn about her great capacity to love, except now, she is cautious and her love won’t be the same as earlier.

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The broken girls have the deepest love.

1. She knows what pain feels like so she’ll never put you through it

All the manipulative, narcissistic, lying bastards she’s had to deal with have caused her so much pain. She’s well aware what it feels when someone is stringing you alone, lying to your face and using you for their ends. And so, she’ll ensure that she is never the cause of the same pain to anyone else she meets. She’ll fall for you but she will stay away till she knows you share the same feelings about her. A girl who has been through all this will give you all the happiness you deserve as long as you do your best to do the same for her.


2. She doesn’t care about your mistakes

The mistakes you’ve made before you met her don’t matter to her in the least. If there are memories you don’t want to address, she won’t push you to share them with her because she knows how painful reliving them can be. You can be vulnerable with her because she will never take advantage of your love for her. No matter what your past was like, it won’t affect her love for you in any way. She’s like a gentle fairy that brings joy and beauty to your life. Make sure that you never cause her any pain because she’s had to deal with enough and more of that already.


3. She’ll never act like she cares just to get something out of you

She’s not the kind of person who will tell you she cares about you simply because she wants to take advantage of you. She’ll actually move into the relationship with a great deal of caution because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. She doesn’t want to hurt you and she’ll do all that she can to ensure that she brings you only joy. When she tells you she wants something long-term with you, you can be sure about her commitment because she’ll never commit to someone she doesn’t truly love.


4. She doesn’t want you to be anyone but who you are

None of us are perfect. We all have a few flaws here and there and a girl like this is quite aware of that. She will take you as you are, with all the good, the bad, and the ugly, and love you despite and for all of that. She won’t ask you to change for her sake. She’ll hold herself responsible for everything she does and she will expect the same from you. When you’re with her, you can expect complete fairness. You can talk to her about anything and everything because she’ll do her best to understand and not make any rash judgments.


5. She’s your rock

She’s faced enough and more hardship so she knows exactly what others are feeling when they are going through a difficult time. She’s pretty much walked through fire by this point so she has enough strength for the two of you put together. You don’t have to feel like you’re forcing her to stay strong. She’s only doing it because she genuinely wishes to be there for you. When you’re sad, she’ll do whatever it takes to make you smile and remind you that things will get better. She’s not just your lover but also a friend who understands you and is incredibly affectionate towards you.

6. She will shower you with kindness

‘Do unto others, what you wish to be done unto you’ is the ideal she lives her life by. She will never try to play you or manipulate you for her own ends. She comes with the purest of intentions and this is why you should never let her go. Her own experience with pain and hardship makes her want to ensure that you never have to deal with what she went through. You don’t have to worry about being on the receiving end of harsh words and spite. She doesn’t want to be like the people who hurt her so she’ll think twice before saying anything that can hurt you because she doesn’t want to be like the people who hurt her. She’ll do her best to make everyone she cares about happy. Her new purpose is to bring joy to all the people she meets and let her light shine bright like the sun.

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