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Reasons Why Damaged People Love Better And Live Better

Reasons Why Damaged People Love Better And Live Better (1)

Love is not the same for everyone. Love does not treat everyone the same. For some, it opens up their heart and helps them heal. However, not everyone gets to experience love in the same way. Sometimes, loving someone can damage you from the inside. But sometimes that a good thing, as damaged people love better than most. 

Love and relationships do not always work out like we expect them to. They can sometimes hurt you more than anything, and make you feel pain like you have never felt before. But, does that mean you will give up on love altogether?

I gave my 100% then why did this happen to me?

Did I make the right decision? -sort of questions cage you. Romeo Juliet seems to be a sixteenth-century fiction that once probably lured you into a daydream about the knight in the shining armor. Nothing like that is remotely seen now. We wonder how successful love stories play out today.

Does the word love exist in reality? Or is it mere infatuation that is lead by compromises to settle down?

Painful experiences with love can make you lose faith in a lot of things. After all, you gave your all, so why didn’t it work out? You were loyal, emotionally receptive, supportive and committed. So, what went wrong? Sometimes, trying to find answers to these questions can end up changing you and helping you, without you realizing it. 

Studies conducted by the researcher Ty Tashiro show that heartbreak changes you as a person but how you get changed depends upon the way you deal with it and overcome it. It makes a person way more open-minded and stronger.

Quickly you are able to transform the form of energies, from frustration, rage, grief (negative) to inspiration and motivation, (positive) and hence are one of those people who have experienced the dark as well as the brighter phase.

Damaged people go through things that most people cannot even fathom or even think of going through. People who are damaged know what rock-bottom and loneliness feel like. They also know how it feels, when you get out of that dark abyss and slowly start to feel like yourself again.

Most importantly, damaged people love better because they truly know the value of love and commitment, and have always looked for people who would relate to the same.

If our pasts decide who we become, then give me a past worth growing from.

Damaged people love better
Damaged people love better


Here Are 5 Reasons Why Damaged People Love Better

1. They always try to build a better future. 

Damaged people love better because they know that they have a painful past, and they cannot do anything to change it, so they work on building a better future for themselves. They know how it feels when there freedom and sense of control is taken away from them, and that is why they appreciate and always fight for these values.

When a damaged person is in a relationship, they always focus on having a positive and stable future with their partners. They know how it feels like to be with the wrong person, so when they have finally found the right one, they will do everything in their capacity to keep them happy. 

2. They only trust genuine people. 

Because of all their bad experiences in the past, damaged people do not trust anyone that easily. Moreover, they also become very selective when it comes to calling someone their friend. People like them know the value of trust, and that is why they are extra-careful about letting people in. 

So if a damaged person chooses to trust you, know that you have earned it. They might nor trust people that easily and let them in, but once they do, know that they will always be there for you no matter what.

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3. They don’t think about the small stuff. 

Damaged people have gone through some of the most horrible and painful stuff one can imagine. And that is why they never obsess about the minor issues. They always think about the bigger picture and choose to let go of the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

This quality makes them mature and secure people to be with, which is a huge blessing when it comes to a healthy and stable relationship. 

4. They know what actually matters in life.

Damages people have seldom experienced love, respect, and support from other people, and that is why they do very well, what these things mean. When you go through something bad or don’t get something you desperately crave for, you gradually get to know it’s value.

And this is exactly what they bring to a relationship. Because of what they have gone through, they try to make sure that their loved ones never have to go through the same pain. They shower oodles of love and support on them and are also very protective.

5. They are extremely strong people.

When it comes to inner strength, damaged people are exceedingly good at that. They are exceptionally strong people who know how to handle and take care of themselves. No matter what problem they face, they know how to knock them out of the park.

Being in a relationship with a damaged person can help you understand what mental strength means. They might be very sensitive people, but they are also tough-as-nails. 

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When it comes to damaged people, most people fail to understand them. People think damaged means someone who is broken or someone who is a loser. But it is the exact opposite, in reality. They are one of the best people you can fall in love with and be in a relationship.

If you want to know more about how damaged people are some of the best kind of people, then check out this video below:

Reasons Why Damaged People Love Better And Live Better
Reasons Why Damaged People Love Better And Live Better


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