Reasons Why Damaged People Love Better And Live Better

Reasons Why Damaged People Love Better And Live Better2

The Way Damaged People Love

Damaged people love you like you are a crime scene
before a crime has even been committed.
They keep their running shoes by their souls every night,
one eye open in case things change whilst they sleep.
Their backs are always tense as though waiting
to fight a sudden storm that might engulf them.
Because damaged people have already seen hell.
And damaged people understand that every evil demon

that exists down there was once a kind angel before it fell.

| Nikita Gill |

The Way Damaged People Love

These days love and emotions have almost lost the actual charm thereby resulting in the weakly bonded relationships… And there follows the heartbreak and the real torture for those who took every moment as worthy as to keep it as a cherishable memory.

Attachment, habit, emotions, love, concern, expectation, and hope are few demons that follow you with haunting questions, making the situation worse.


I gave my 100% then why did this happen to me?

Did I take the right decision? -sort of questions cage you. Romeo Juliet seems to be a sixteenth century fiction which once probably lured you into a daydream about the knight in the shining armor. Nothing like that is remotely seen now. We wonder how successful love stories play out today… Does the word love exist in reality? Or is it mere infatuation that is lead by compromises to settle down

The feeling can be categorized under one of the most negative vibes. Every session of counseling from friends seems to be the most ridiculous act, messing up your mind and thereby your life even more.

Studies conducted by the researcher Ty Tashiro shows that heartbreak changes you as person but how you get changed depends upon the way you deal with it and overcome it. It makes a person way more open minded and stronger.

Quickly you are able to transform the form of energies, from frustration, rage, grief (negative) to inspiration and motivation, (positive) and hence are one of those people who have experienced the dark as well as the brighter phase.

Heart breaks are indeed necessary to build up into a stronger self.

1. It helps you create a relationship with yourself

Look within and intensify this bond. Since this is the span when you want to be alone, it gives you the best opportunity to have a session of self-introspection and hence know your worth. It is painful to lose your favorite person but there is a universe that loves you beyond and unconditionally. Heartbreak helps you learn this lesson in life. The best person to love is oneself. For when you love yourself you look within and find new avenues that you passionately love, but could have ignored before due to your obsession with an individual.


2. It makes you self-reliant.

You become selective before trusting people. Blind trusting is out of the list. You learn to expect only from yourself, because failed expectations hurt a lot. So it is in a way leading to a more mature person. A mature ‘You’.