To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self

To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self

The one who needs to fall back in love with the self.

Time, circumstances and life hurl different hurdles at us. At times we feel like we are top of the world and the very next moment we are there kissing the dirt. Through these ups and downs, we have relationships, ambitions, hopes, love, hatred, darkness, light, and many more things accompanying us.

Sometimes we fail to fulfill expectations and sometimes we fail to reach the goal, the journey is never smooth. In this journey, we put extra effort to hold on to a relationship we are letting our self fall into a toxic relationship.

At this very moment, we start to fall out of love with ourselves. When we have no love for ourselves our mood and happiness depend on others. Our self-worth gets dependent on that other person. We are scared to lose that other person, we fear to even think of the life that lies after the end of the relationship.

What actually happens at the end of the relationship?

To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self

Life goes on

You’ll be more than ok, you thought you couldn’t live without them but now you realize it was just a fatal fear you should just let go of it. When relationships end it’s painful and being happy is a faraway dream but once you let go you realize there is more to life and there is more to you. You will learn to smile again. You will learn to love yourself again.

Move on

You can waste your entire life trying to figure out what went wrong and fail, what went wrong shouldn’t even matter anymore. That is no longer where you live. The energy and time can be utilized to make the present moment better, to make you better. We have a superpower it’s called the power to choose one thought over another. You can choose to think of ways to make life and yourself better over the thought of what you should and shouldn’t have done to keep that relationship.

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Learn the lesson

You can sit in a corner and cry over the same pain over and over again or you can simply embrace the lesson it taught you. Some people aren’t just meant to stay for the good of both. Some people come in your life to teach you the lesson.

Don’t walk the burnt bridge

Sometimes you may feel the pain is the string that connects you with your ex, it is not, break that string. Don’t walk the burnt bridge, let go of your pain and let go of your ex. Ends mark new beginnings. Let the light of the new beginning fill the space in your broken heart. If you hang on to your past that is where you will be, it leads you nowhere.

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It’s ok to miss

Memories are a nice place to visit but not to stay. It’s ok to miss someone. Smile for the good times, cry for the touching moments. It’s true that love never dies, someone who touched your heart will be there forever and it’s okay. You don’t need to knock the closed doors. Keep the love within, let this inspire you don’t let it be chained in your feet.

No regrets

Never regret over past decisions. Everything happens for a reason. Regretting is just an awful waste of time and energy. Mistakes are inevitable and life without mistakes is not worth it. Mistakes are the best teacher. Whatever you did was appropriate at that moment, have no regrets for it.

Bring out the best in you

You want revenge? You want to forget? You want to move on? Answer to all this is to be happy, bring out the best in you. You wanted him to do better, you wanted him to progress, and you wanted him to bring out the best in him, crave these for yourself now. You loved every aspect of him, every good and bad in him, now do the same for yourself. The pain and frustration should be your teacher, not your weakness.

It might sound harsh but life doesn’t start or end at one person. Life has much more extraordinary love out there which will come looking for you when you start loving yourself again when you learn to smile again.

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To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self
To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self
To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self
To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self

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