Tips And Techniques To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Tips And Techniques To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Become aware of how you feel and take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a couple of seconds and tell yourself to stop! It is not real.

7. Talking Exercises

Talk to yourself. There are a million thoughts running through your head and you need to focus on one of them. Your racing thoughts are connecting dots that don’t need to be connected. You are overthinking.

By talking to yourself, you will find it easier to understand why you are having an anxiety attack and how you can calm down again. Tell yourself how are you feeling and why you were triggered.

8. Grounding Exercises

A lot of people swear that this helps, I think it is hard to remember in the moment of a panic attack. But if this helps only one person, it is still worth it to write this for that person.

The 54321 exercise is a grounding exercise designed to distract your thoughts. You need to name:

  • 5 things that you can see
  • 4 things that you can feel
  • 3 things that you can hear
  • 2 things that you can smell
  • 1 positive thing in your life

11 Tips To Prevent An Anxiety Attack

1. Drink Less Coffee

Coffee increases your heart rate and makes you more alert. Amazing stuff. But drinking too much of it will make you twitchy, jumpy and agitated. Your increased or irregular heart rate can easily be misinterpreted as something else, like a heart attack.

Since coffee puts you on edge, you are an easy target to step into the vicious circle of an anxiety attack. Not only coffee, but other sources of caffeine can trigger this. So if you drink a lot of tea, try drinking herbal teas instead of black, green or white teas.

2. Stop Lying

This applies to a select number of people, who lie in order to make their lives easier but actually give themselves more hardship. Remembering all the lies is stressful enough because any conversation that involves the subject of a lie becomes a minefield. And some people even encounter a situation where multiple people, who have been told different lies, enter the same conversation.

There are some rare occasions where telling the truth will only cause harm. You wouldn’t tell the parents of an ugly baby that their baby is ugly. But in most situations it is better to just tell the truth and deal with the consequences, it will make your life easier in the long run.

3. Go Outside

Sometimes you need to feel the wind on your face, the sun in your hair, or the other way around! Other times, getting your socks wet in the rain and drying in a warm house is just what you need. We can create great little homes that have everything that we need, but sometimes we need to get away from that home.

The open spaces that you can only find outside help people with anxiety problems. Especially if you have a tendency towards claustrophobia.

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4. Stop Reading Negative News

We are loss-aversive, which means that we don’t want to lose the things we have. That’s why fear is such a powerful motivator in marketing.

“Flash sale! Today only!”

You don’t want to miss out. Fear is so very powerful. The news is often negative, simply because it sells better. Therefore, fear is everywhere in news media. Violence, abuse, and misfortune grab our attention more than hearing how everything is okay. If everything was okay, you wouldn’t need to know about it. It’s okay.

If you understand that the news is keeping you scared so they can sell more advertisements, you can stop consuming it so much. The world is going to live another day. So will you.

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