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10 Tips For Letting Go Of The Things You Can’t Control

Tips Letting Go Of Things Cant Control

10. Listen to your gut.  

Do you have that nagging feeling at the bottom of your gut telling you what you need to do? And you are terrified to listen to it or even acknowledge it? Yeah, that’s known as your instincts, your intuition, aka your gut. Very often we have a good idea as to what we need to do and with self-reflection, we become more and more aware of this feeling. 

It can be one of the scariest parts of this process, as it might be telling you to take that leap of faith that you don’t feel 100% ready to take. Which is ok, start by acknowledging it and getting comfortable with it, with the other steps above, you will feel more and more confident listening to this inner voice and better prepared to take those next steps. You Got This!! 

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Is Therapy Part of the Solution?

Sometimes we need help implementing some of these above strategies or creating these mindset shifts and therapy could be part of the solution. If you know you are stuck in a situation and need help creating an action plan, therapy can be a great place to work through the many conflicting feelings that can come up.

Therapy with a specific focus can even give you a head start, as that would imply that you are “doing your own work” as they say, you are engaging in your process and that is a definite recipe for success when it comes to therapy.

And therapy is not the only option when it comes to finding support around your specific life challenge, there are many community-based agencies, as well as faith communities, that can offer this type of support. If you would like to engage in therapy, there are resources through your primary care, employee assistance, or your insurance company that can help you connect with someone either in person or virtually.

On-line is a resource I have been talking about in a lot of my posts where you can connect with a professional mental health therapist online, from anywhere in the world. I have included my affiliate link here where you can get 20% off your first month. Give it a try and if you do decide to check it out, let me know how it goes, I am always looking for feedback to make this blog a better, more helpful experience for you, my reader.

In Summary

Letting go and moving forward, past a difficult period in your life is no easy feat. Take comfort in knowing that you will be ok, that you have been through other difficult experiences, (ahhh … the wisdom of life) and you will get through this as well.

Remember that feelings are temporary, they come and they go and they will probably come back again and that is ok too. It is all ok, moving towards acceptance and understanding is a process, we don’t just wake up one day having arrived. We are not supposed to know all the answers and that too is ok.

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10 Tips For Letting Go Of The Things You Can't Control
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