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8 Signs You Think More With Your Heart Than Your Head

“Just use your head!” Have you ever been accused of jumping into conclusion based purely out of your emotions? Do you feel suffocated in this pragmatic world?

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People who are quick to act are usually the ones who ”think from their heart”. Popular beliefs claim them to be way too emotional and thinking with your mind makes you more logical and analytical.

But, you do you!

You think from your head or your heart, you know what’s best and here are 8 traits describing people who use their heart to think more often.

1) Dishonesty, Discrimination, Injustice… Ain’t Your Style

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You are truly a gem of a person. It really saddens you to see how people suffer and are subjected to injustice.

You always want to use your magic to wipe away all sort of social evils.

2) You Love To Love Hard

You are a natural caregiver. You like to care for others, look after them and won’t stop texting them until they have reached home safely.

You always like to believe in love a little too extra.

3) Those Eyes Of Yours Never Lies

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If it’s settled for the fact that you’re way too emotional then it’s only obvious that you cannot hide it for long.

No matter how much you want to hide, your eyes cannot hide what you are truly feeling.

4) Your ‘Lips’ Don’t Lie

You are quite an honest person. No doubt about it! You sometimes spill the milk as well. But, that’s fine, someone needs to play fair.

Even in a conversation, you love to pour your heart out and enjoy a mindful talk.

5) You Don’t Exactly Hate Your Brain

Since you love to “think” with your heart, you might have a love-hate relationship with your brain.

You sometimes feel that your brain is being ‘cruel’ (that’s not true, you know it).

6) You’re A Passionate Person

You appreciate anything you ‘feel’ has been a work of passion. You don’t just simply analyze any project or work. You tend to ‘feel’ the vibe of hard work and the passion went into it.

In general, you’re a passionate person and love to do things with dedication.

7) “They Say Am A Dreamer… “

Not just day dream. You are an ambitious person who loves to dream big.

Dreams keep you motivated in life and you always have an interest in bringing some positive changes in the world.

8) You Are A One Good Soul

You love to help others. You are a natural empath. A supportive friend and someone whom everyone can look up to.

No wonder your love filled heart makes you a better person!


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