7 Things You Need To Know Before Falling For An Emotional Girl With An Anxious Mind

7 Things You Need To Know Before Falling For An Emotional Girl With An Anxious Mind


Falling in love sounds brilliant. Falling in love with someone who is all about loving and caring is just perfect. But what about falling in love with someone who has an anxious mind?

Before you answer, let me tell you a couple of things about them which will help you decide better. For starters, it isn’t going to be easy. Gaining her trust is going to be almost like a sinner trying to convince God to let him enter heaven. So if you’re trying to make her a part of your life, you should definitely expect a roller coaster ride. Secondly, I assure you, she’s worth it.


1 – She might come across as a bitch.


Life of an anxious person:

*before knowing them*

“OMG she’s such a bitch with so much attitude”

*after knowing them*

“You aren’t what I thought of you to be”

This is literally what an anxious person gets to hear every other day. Her facial expressions and her ability to bottle up and contain her feelings make it looks like she doesn’t really want to talk to anyone. An anxious person can really look at your face while speaking. It looks like they are distracted but in reality, they are just avoiding a rush of overwhelming feelings. Under these conditions, please on to her and give her time. She will slowly settle down and be comfortable around you.


2 – Fragile. Please handle with care.

An anxious woman can either be fragile like a flower or fragile like a bomb. There is no in between. So you better be careful about your actions and words around her. One wrong statement and she will reach a million conclusions without you having the slightest clue. Now honestly, it isn’t in her control. It’s what her anxiety makes her do. Time is the solution to this. And so is trust. Gain her trust. It shall reduce her anxiety and keep her calm.


3 – She gets overly attached.

When she finds someone who really loves her and who she trusts, she tends to get overly attached. It does get a little overwhelming for the other person, no denying. This happens because she had previously convinced herself that nobody would ever be in love with her due to her anxiety issues. She had been insecure about herself all along. So when she finally gets someone who admires her for who she really is, she can’t stop showing her love for them.


4 – Worrying isn’t her hobby.

Nobody likes to be worried, constantly. It gets really tiresome for our minds. A mind of an anxious girl is like 101 tabs open all at once. It’s a chaos inside. And she DOES NOT enjoy it. Her anxiety makes her worry about everything. She double checks if the door is locked or not. Sometimes even thrice. She rechecks her purse ten times before leaving her house but still feels like she has forgotten it the moment she steps out of her house. These are just basic day to day problems which she faces and it is more stressful than what a normal person goes through. She might ask you if you’ve eaten, she wants to know if you’re warm. But her worrying only means that she cares for you.


5 – Scared is what she is.

She feels like she is replaceable. She feels like she isn’t good enough. She’s scared of departures. This is the main cause of her anxiety. She constantly fears that maybe one day you’ll wake up and realize that she isn’t the one for you. As a lover, it is your responsibility to reassure her every time that your love for her is stronger than the demons which are trying to drown her in an ocean of negative thoughts. Reassure her every time and please don’t get tired. There will come a point where you will consider giving up on her but in those moments remind yourself of the reasons why you fell in love with her in the first place. Everything beautiful comes with its own hardships just like how roses come with its thorns and rainbows after a heavy rainfall.

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