In Love With Someone With Anxiety? Why It Will Be Your Best Relationship


Why Being In Love With Someone With Anxiety Is The Best Love

Being in love with someone with anxiety isn’t easy, but it’s unique. They’re not perfect, but who is? It’s special because you’re with someone who feels every emotion intensely.

Let’s learn more about being in a relationship with someone with anxiety! Are you ready?

Why Being In Love With Someone With Anxiety Is The Best Relationship

They feel every emotion acutely and they aren’t sorry about it.

Their anxiety has made them pick apart each and every emotion they’ve ever felt at any given time, so much so that now they know exactly what is going on in their minds.

In the same way, their empathic abilities will allow them to tune into the feelings of those close to them. They experience whatever you feel as if it is happening to them and so they will treat you with the same sensitivity with which they treat themselves.

They’ll be able to tell if you are especially tense because your job is frustrating you. They can tell if you’re happy or sad or angry just from the way you tread when you walk up to them.

People with anxiety read every movement you make and every word you speak and will automatically find out if there are things bothering you.

That kind of sensitivity makes a person’s soul grow older, no matter how young their body is. Their heart is big and they will give all of it to you if they love you.

They are quite aware that they can be difficult at times so they’ll never take your presence for granted. Their personality will not allow them to be closed off to someone they love so they’ll always be open and will speak the truth.

Loving a person with anxiety is special because you can be sure that they have complete faith in you and that they are giving you all the love that is in them to give.

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They are aware of the problems they have, they know they are not the strongest mentally and that it can affect your relationship but they believe that you will stay.

And in turn, you can be rest assured that as long as you are respectful and kind, they will never leave you. Open your heart to them and theirs is yours to keep as long as you will have it. They know exactly how much pain you are in and they will soothe you like no one else can.

People with anxiety know what it’s like when stress overcomes you and makes you crumble.

They know that this frustrated, angry persona is not who you really are so they will cuddle you close till all that negativity drains away leaving only you behind.

Every person has some inner demons, some skeletons in their closet, and people with anxiety understand this better than anyone because they have struggled against the very same things for almost as long as they have been alive.

So, when your inner demons start to show, you never have to be afraid that they will turn away from you. They’ll just hug you tighter and kiss you and tell you they love you till you become strong enough to fight them off and return to your normal self.

You never have to be afraid that they will pass judgment on you when you are mentally unwell or when something small has triggered you into a breakdown.

That is the reality of their lives and they are fully aware that you cannot control it anymore than they can. They will do their best to help you deal with these issues.

They will never make light or joke about the problems you’re facing. You know how annoying it is when you are genuinely upset and someone tells you you’re just overreacting?

A person who has struggled with anxiety will never, ever do that to you because they have heard it so many times and they know how much it can hurt when others do not respect your emotions.

People with anxiety know that true love does not come knocking everyday.

They knew that it is rare and precious and beautiful. So, they will treasure you and what you have together every single moment of every day.

Relationships take effort and they will be willing to give it all the time and energy that they can possibly put in. Their open nature allows them to sit down and sort out every single issue so that there is nothing but raw honesty between the two of you. You will never feel like you’re being taken for granted because they know that this is a once in a lifetime thing.

You have chosen to love a beautiful person. What you need to remember is that their anxiety is only one part of them. It is not all that they are and it shouldn’t be all that your relationship is. When you look past it, there is a real human being with all the same hopes and fears as everyone else.

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Understand that they are just a little bent in places but not completely broken. They might actually be the strongest people you’ll ever meet because they have fought so many battles and will always be fighting a war. They have faced many challenges that have left bruises and scars. But still, they have emerged victorious, clinging to their selves for dear life.

In the end, remember that winning their love is the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Try to be the best version of yourself because that is what they will always try to give you, even if they don’t ask for the same in return. Treasure them in the same way that they treasure you and never take them for granted. They have suffered enough for a few lifetimes so try to not cause them any more pain than what they have already felt.

You can be at peace knowing that you have found what so many spend their lives searching for and as your relationship grows and blossoms, you will be one of the happiest people on earth.

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Reasons Why People With Anxiety Are The Best People To Fall In Love With
Why Its Best To Fall In Love With Someone With Anxiety
Why Being In Love With Someone With Anxiety Is The Best Relationship Pin
Being In Love With Someone With Anxiety Is The Best Love
being in love with someone with anxiety

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