6 Things to Do In Your 20s To Make Your Life Better in Your 50s


Things Do Your 20s Make Your Life Better Your 50s

There are certain things every person should do in their 20s, to ensure that their life is better, and more sorted in their 50s. The same goes for you. How you shape your life in your 20s, will set the course for the rest of your life journey.

I want to talk to all you 20 somethings. If you’re past 20, then that’s ok. Keep reading as you can use this information too.

I want to give you some advice from someone in their 50s concerning things you can do in your 20s to make your life better by the time you hit 50.

Why? Simple, I’m in my 50s so I been there in the 20s and 3 decades later I wish I had someone with this wisdom give me these simple easy tips. Not that my life isn’t good now but it could be even better if I had known this information when I was in my 20s.

Life in Your 20s

You are a young adult and feel like you can put certain things off; after all, you’re only in your 20s you have 45 years to worry about retirement.

You have plenty of time to get serious about buying a home, raising a family, all those things that seem to come in your 30s and 40s.

The time to get serious is NOW. One day you’re 20-something and the next you’re 50 something and retirement is right around the corner. Speaking from experience; it goes by in the blink of an eye.

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What can you do in your 20s to make life easier in your 50s?

Right now you are in your 20s and still maturing but I have 6 things for you to do in your 20s to make life better when you’re in your 50s.

1. One of the most important things to learn and do is Budget.

Yes, make a budget even if you are single and stick to it; include a portion for retirement. Create savings for emergencies such as your auto breakdowns, as you mature it will include the hot water heater (yes I know how mundane).

2. Plan for retirement.

Yes, you are only 20 something but now is the time to start planning and putting away for retirement. You need to realize that the prices of goods and services are going to rise over the years. What cost $2.00 today will cost $10.00 or possibly more in 40 years. Start a 401k today, add a 6% minimum of your gross pay to it each pay period.

Honestly, in your 20s when you are single, without a mortgage, you should contribute 2 to 3 times that amount.

3. Pay attention to your health.

Yes, yes I know you’re in your 20s. Believe me, I was there and now I wish I had paid more attention than I did. Learn to eat healthily, make time to exercise every day. When I say exercise every day I do not mean a hard impact exercise. Break your work out into days of the week. Monday – walk, Tuesday – cardio, Wednesday –tone your muscles; you get the idea.

Why do you ask? It has been proven that regular exercise even something as simple as stretches reduces stress. This is important not just to your physical health but your mental health as well.

4. Develop the right mental attitude.

That is right; your attitude has a lot to do with how you approach life. A positive happy mental attitude will help you weather the tough times. It is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself if you do not have a positive outlook on life. That trap and a negative mental attitude will lead to depression and anxiousness later in life.

5. This should probably the 2nd most important thing so pay attention.

Be happy with what you have; that is not to say you can’t want more. Here is what you need to remember: there is a difference between wanting and needing. Regardless of what people say, you do not need to have a six-figure income to be happy.

If you like the work you do, you have a roof over your head, food on the table (especially if you have a family) then you have a reason to be happy, be proud of that.

6. Pursue the things in life you would like to do.

Things such as learn to cook or dance, continue your education, buy a house, and write a novel. The more balance you can bring to your life in your 20s the more balanced your 50s and beyond will be.

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In our 20s we all think we have plenty of time, which is because we are still maturing; but if you take the 6 steps above and work them into your life now when you hit your 50s your life will be easier and more balanced. Why is it important to be balanced? Balance brings happiness and harmony which is important for mental health.

There are many other steps that you can take as well but these 6 in my opinion as a 50-something-year-old with the wisdom of 30 plus years of living are the core 6 to focus on, then continue adding others.

Things to Do In Your 20s
Life Better at 50
Things Do Your 20s Make Your Life Better Your 50s Pin

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