9 Things Genuinely Happy Couples Do To Stay Connected and In Love Forever


9. They hold their relationship sacred

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Treating your relationship like its sacred means honoring it in all its glory. This involves being selective about what (and who) you let in and out of the space around your relationship. It means not airing each other’s dirty laundry to your friends or revealing secrets.

When you hold your relationship sacred, you raise it to a higher standard by saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Your partner knows where he or she stands with you. There is space for you both to relax and open up. This creates a faith in the relationship that is strong enough to carry couples through times when all seems lost.

Relationships, even the best ones, take continual effort.

You’ll both make mistakes, you’ll do things and say things you regret, and you’ll hurt and get hurt. But, if intimacy sits at the root of your relationship — true, no holds bar intimacy — you will have the tools and rock solid bond needed to see your relationship past the problems and back what really matters.

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Written by Clayton Olson
Originally published on Yourtango.com

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9 Things Genuinely Happy Couples Do To Stay Connected and In Love Forever

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