18 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

18 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

We often get confused regarding what are the true gestures of love. A lot of people take advantage of such confusions and ruin our lives. It’s better to watch out for these 18 red flags in your relationship so that you can protect yourself before it’s too late.

(1)  Their sex drive runs on extremes: either too high or too low:

A healthy relationship requires a balanced sex drive or something which is same for both. If your partner has too high sex drive or too low sex drive, it implies you’re definitely not on the same page. Continuing with this results in getting hurt, depression, resentment, etc. because of the difference in expectations of sex.

(2)  They try to isolate you from your family and friends:

This is a scary sign if your partner tries to isolate you from your family and friends. It means they don’t love but they lust you and soon they will leave once they have taken whatever they needed, leaving you all alone.

(3)  They often roll their eyes at you:

According to research, if a married couple rolls their eyes at one another, there’s a chance that they will divorce soon enough. Rolling eyes show a lack of disrespect and it’s extremely unhealthy for a relationship.

(4)  They speak ill of their exes:

Speaking ill of exes doesn’t justify their love for you. As satisfying as it sounds, the reality is they fell in love with them and stayed with them. No matter how badly their relationship ended, no person can be extremely bad. If your partner is saying such things, be assured they will say the same about you when they move on with someone else.

(5)  They always tell you how perfect you are:

It might sound so sweet and romantic to be called perfect but wait! Reality Check! You’re not perfect. None of us are either. They are just flattering. This is obsession and they aren’t being romantic at all; they are just creepy.

(6)  They cross the limits of your ‘physical boundaries’ innocently:

How often have you been telling your partner to stop tickling? Hugs are warm but not always we like them. Isn’t it? If they continue crossing your physical boundaries in these playful ways, it’s a warning sign they don’t respect your body and would never care for your personal space.

(7)  They rush into a new relationship too fast:

A relationship takes time. It needs to be nurtured. If your partner is rushing it too quickly, it means you’re a rebound or he’s a narcissist. Run away!

(8)  They keep secrets from you:

If they love you truly, they wouldn’t be keeping secrets from you. Isn’t it?

(9)  They misbehave with their parents:

If your partner treats their parents badly, then it’s a sign they will treat you badly too because it shows they don’t have any respect for their family members.

(10)  They cheated on their partner with you:

It’s better to have a clear idea about your partner’s past because if they cheated on their ex with you, they will do the same too.

(11)  They call you names in an argument:

Calling names isn’t cool; it’s a reflection of abusive behavior. It’s okay to have fights but if your partner calls you names during a fight, it’s better to leave the toxic relationship.

(12)  They don’t have any work ethic:

Having work ethics show how professional and disciplined they are. If they don’t know manners at workplace, they wouldn’t behave well elsewhere too. You’re taking the risk of a toxic relationship if you still plan on sticking by their side.

(13)  They will never apologize while continuously making you take the blame:

They themselves will never apologize when they are wrong while they try to put all the blame on you. This means they don’t have any respect for you, they don’t care about you at all. It’s a toxic relationship and you shouldn’t be hanging around with them.

(14)  They always demand your phone and passwords of your social media accounts:

Demanding your phone, your social media passwords isn’t a healthy possessiveness or a romantic gesture. They simply can’t trust you. Why would you want to be with someone who can’t even trust and respect you?

(15)  Their attitude changes in a flash of a second:

They were so cruel to you minutes ago and now they are so full of love for you!! How often do you get confused about this change in behaviors? Well, it’s time to take a decision and stop entertaining such excuses of true love.

(16)  They need constant validation:

It’s okay to be insecure but too much of insecurity is a red flag. If your partner demands a constant reassurance of your love for them, then it will never change no matter what you do you. It’s better to leave them with their own insecurities rather than spoiling your life.

(17)  They do not wish to make it public:

Some people stay away from the social media but if nobody knows about your relationship, then probably your partner doesn’t want anyone to know they are committed.

(18)  They make you feel ashamed of your body:

It’s okay to crack a joke on your belly-fat but remember there’s a limit to everything. If your partner is always humiliating you regarding your body, that means they don’t have any respect for you at all. It’s a warning sign you need to come out of the relationship.

 It’s better to leave toxic relationships than staying back and succumbing to emotional trauma.

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18 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

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