9 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You For Another Man


Reasons She’s Going Leave You For Another Man

Being in a relationship is easy, but sustaining it by doing everything you need to do is what proves to be the real challenge. There are many things that you need to do if you want your relationship to survive over the years, otherwise, she’s going to leave you. This might sound very harsh, but it is true. And no, those things do not include spending a ton of money, and giving her unlimited gifts!

“I’m guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve but when I’m done, I’m done.” ― Turcois Ominek.

Things seemed so perfect and you never got an inkling that she was going to leave. But yes, she did. You probably might not have realized it because things seemed fine from your end but the issues did exist, most of them in things you did. These issues might not have been visible, but they were there.

You probably couldn’t get the inkling and she got tired of trying to tell you and eventually decided to leave. While it’s difficult to generalize why she left, if you think about it, there might be several reasons for her taking this step.

Here Are 9 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You For Another Man

(1) You don’t give her enough space.

Possessiveness is okay but over-possessiveness makes one feel claustrophobic in the relationship. If you are constantly hovering over her, keeping an eye on her, and always expecting her to spend all her time with you, then you are messing things up real bad. She might feel suffocated and chained in the relationship and decide to set herself free.

Personal space and healthy boundaries are two of the most important things for having a healthy relationship. Making your partner feel trapped, intentionally or unintentionally, is one of the most harmful things you can do.

(2) You are not being honest.

You are probably lying to her too much and in most of the cases, she has been catching you red-handed. The more you lie, the more it chips away at your relationship. Lying is unforgivable, and it’s just a matter of time when she will leave you, and you will be able to do nothing about it.

Honesty is a key element in sustaining a relationship. If you are not honest, then she is going to leave you. Always focus on being honest and telling the truth, no matter how unpleasant it might be.

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(3) You have frequent mood swings.

We all have emotions but being moody all the time, and having drastic mood swings is not a sign of behaving like a responsible adult. If you are always in a bad mood, even when everything is fine, then how can you expect her to be happy? She’s going to leave you when your negativity and pessimism are bound to make her feel negative herself and becomes too much to handle.

No one likes a complaining, whining partner, so put a lid on it and try to deal with things with a little bit more positivity and maturity. Constant negativity will only take your relationship so far.

(4) You are too serious.

Give yourself a break, and loosen up a little. It’s a good thing to take your life and future seriously, but you need to enjoy the present too, especially with your partner. Having fun with her will make the relationship more exciting, and carefree. Plan an impromptu trip with her. Go on a road trip just to watch the sunrise. Jump on the couch together, and dance your hearts out when your favorite song comes on.

It’s good to release the inner child in you sometimes. Being too serious will scare her off, and make her feel like you are not happy and interested in her and the relationship.

(5) You don’t pay heed to what she says.

She probably knows every problem you are facing in your life but how much do you know about her? Imagine feeling ignored all the time. She feels that too when you don’t take the time to listen to her. She also feels she is not important in your life, and that is one of the reasons why she’s going to leave you.

When you are in a relationship with someone, you need to make them feel heard and safe; you should always make her feel that you are there when she needs someone to share her troubles and difficulties with. Creating a safe space for her to talk to you is crucial for having a happy relationship.

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(6) You are too critical of her.

Criticism is good but being too judgmental will make her feel bad about herself. Constant criticism is never a good thing, and you need to appreciate her and compliment her at times. When you focus solely on her flaws, it makes her feel negative about herself, and she starts feeling not good enough.

This leads to her feeling incomplete and horrible , and if she’s not happy in the relationship, what’s the point of staying in it? She’s going to leave you, if all you do is criticise her, and put her down.

(7) You don’t give time to her.

Yes, you must be very busy in your life with your work, family, and friends, but if you really want to make time for your special one, you can definitely manage that. Always being busy with work or spending time with your friends all the time, and ignoring your partner will end up destroying your relationship for good.

When you have decided to be in a relationship, you need to invest time in it and plan things with her too. If you don’t have time for her, she will probably choose to be with someone who is actually interested to spend time with her.

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(8) You are boring.

A relationship needs to have a spark and should have a little bit of excitement. Yes, you don’t have to bungee jump or paraglide every time you meet each other, but there needs to be an element of fun. Wanting to sit at home every time you see each other, and not having the desire to do anything else, gets to your relationship after a point.

A certain degree of mystery, excitement, and unpredictability will help keep your relationship fun, and stop it from becoming boring.

(9) You never open up to her.

A relationship demands intimacy and this intimacy is not just physical but also emotional. If you don’t open up to her, bring out your inner insecurities in front of her, and never talk to her about what is going on in your heart and mind, she will feel you are not allowing her into your world.

Vulnerability and emotional openness are important for having emotional depth and emotional maturity in a relationship. If you never let her in your world, how will she feel loved, and an important part of your life?

If you are making these mistakes, then change them as soon as you can, otherwise it will be too late.

9 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You For Another Man
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