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12 Things That Don’t Make Sense To An Introvert

things that dont make sense to an introvert

In a culture that favors the Extrovert, where boldness is synonymous with confidence and quietness with shyness, an introvert can feel grossly misunderstood. While there are numerous myths about introverts, even after knowing us well, many people just don’t get why we are the way we are!

Well, they are not alone in feeling this way…there are many things about the extrovert personality that just don’t make sense to an introvert, like their need to go out every weekend just because they have nothing better to do and make small talk with random people…my list is quite long…

Let’s deep dive into the extrovert traits that not only don’t make sense but are also annoying and absolutely uncomfortable for us introverts.

12 Things That Don’t Make Sense To An Introvert  

Things Dont Make Sense Introvert info
12 Things That Don’t Make Sense To An Introvert

1. When Others Think That Spending Time Alone Is Boring

We quiet and solitude-loving people fail to understand how spending alone time is thought of as “boring” in the extrovert world. There are so many meaningful things that you can do alone, activities that help you connect more deeply with yourself and truly make you feel happy.

An introverted personality likes to engage in activities that require concentration and contemplation, like reading a book or creating art. It releases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which leaves us feeling peaceful and satisfied. Not to mention, we just need a few moments of solitude to recharge our batteries and prepare to interact with the world the next day. Can’t help it, that’s just how we are wired…

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2. Extra-Chatty Colleagues

Open space workplace designs are terrifying for one reason. A super talkative colleague just comes over and starts unloading or sharing gossip that we’re least interested in. 

Are we good listeners? Yes. But do we want to interact with your story? Not necessarily. 

We prefer to be quiet if we have nothing meaningful to say. Besides, it feels very strange when someone just jumps us into conversations we are unprepared for. We might be in the middle of some urgent work and want to shun the small talk.

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12 Things That Don’t Make Sense To An Introvert

3. Hugging Acquaintances

Introverts don’t just need space mentally, but also physically, which means that they are non-huggers. If it’s family or a good friend, we are comfortable and even enjoy hugging them. But otherwise, we prefer less intimate forms of greeting. 

We wish others knew and respected our boundaries. It’s beyond us how people give squishy hugs to acquaintances anytime, anywhere! 

4. Obsessed With Being Popular

Our extroverted culture pushes us to be more popular, to the point where most people are obsessed with getting more attention. They dress, speak and carry themselves in a manner that grabs attention. This feels very strange to an introvert because they never want to purposely draw more attention and usually dislike being in the spotlight.

Being the center of attention is not something they are comfortable with. However, this in no way implies that they are afraid to be up on stage for something important. It’s just that they are driven by completely different things, wanting to be more popular isn’t one of them.

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5. Having Too Many Roommates

“The house is so full of people it makes me sick. When I grow up and get married, I’m living alone.” – Kevin, Home Alone

Kevin’s words pretty much sum up our thoughts on having roommates. Interactions with the world are draining enough. Coming back home to find a house full of people you need to converse with is just too much. 

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12 Things That Don’t Make Sense To An Introvert
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