7 Things A Fake Friend Would Do: Exposing The Walking Red Flags


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Things A Fake Friend Would Do: Exposing Seven Toxic Traits

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been hanging out with a genuine friend or someone who’s just putting on a facade? Wonder no more! We’ll reveal the 7 things a fake friend would do, helping you spot the signs of insincerity.

You know, those pals who seem sweet and supportive on the surface but don’t quite measure up when push comes to shove?

Well, fret not! We’re here to help you spot the signs of fake friends, so you can surround yourself with true companions who genuinely have your back.

Seven things a fake friend would do to you beware of them

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7 Things A Fake Friend Would Do To You

In the following sections, we’ll walk you through the seven unmistakable signs of fake friends who might not be as genuine as they seem. 

Stay alert and arm yourself with the knowledge to cultivate meaningful relationships with trustworthy companions.

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1. They Are All Ears… Until You Need Them

One of the telltale things a fake friend would do is lend you an attentive ear when you’re sharing the highs and lows of your life. 

However, when you genuinely need their support during tough times, they suddenly become elusive, offering excuses or simply brushing off your concerns. 

A true friend listens and supports you through thick and thin, but a fake friend is there only when it suits them.

One of the things a fake friends would do to you is back biting

2. They Spread Negativity Like Wildfire

Ever noticed how a fake friend thrives on gossip and drama? They revel in spreading rumors about others, including mutual friends, behind their backs. 

Fake friends often find joy in causing turmoil and drama, seemingly reveling in the misfortunes of others.

They eagerly spread gossip, stirring up trouble to fuel their own agendas or insecurities. Authentic friendships are built on trust and respect, not on the back of malicious talk.

3. They Keep A Scorecard

Watch out for the friend who keeps a meticulous scorecard of favors and gifts. A fake friend often keeps tabs on what they’ve done for you and what they expect in return. 

They might throw this “score” in your face, subtly or overtly, to guilt-trip you into complying with their demands. 

Genuine friends have a selfless and giving nature. They don’t offer their support or kindness with the expectation of receiving something in return.

Beware of the seven things a fake friend would do to you because not everyone who seem to be friendly is your real friend

4. They Disappear When You Shine

Have you noticed how a fake friend becomes envious or resentful when you achieve something remarkable? 

Instead of celebrating your success, they tend to downplay your achievements or even distance themselves from you. 

True friends cheer you on, offering genuine support and encouragement, without any hint of jealousy.

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5. They’re Never Around In Times Of Need

When tough times come knocking on your door, a fake friend will conveniently find excuses to avoid being there for you. 

They might claim to be busy or suddenly become unreachable when you need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. 

In stark contrast, authentic friends show empathy and understanding, eagerly providing a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on, reinforcing the bond that withstands life’s trials.

One of the things a fake friend would do is  abandoned you when you need them the most

6. They Use You For Their Benefit

A fake friend might cozy up to you when they need something from you, be it financial help, academic assistance, or connections to other people. 

Once they get what they want, they may swiftly lose interest in spending time with you. Authentic friendships are built on mutual care and concern, not on opportunistic behavior.

7. They Don’t Apologize Or Take Responsibility

One of the most glaring signs of a fake friend is their inability to admit their mistakes or take responsibility for their actions. 

They might make hurtful remarks, betray your trust, or let you down but never apologize genuinely. 

Genuine friends are humble enough to apologize when they’ve done wrong and strive to make amends.

So there you have it, the 7 things a fake friend would do. Recognizing these signs will help you surround yourself with people who truly value your friendship and care for your well-being. 

Embrace genuine friendships, for they are the ones that add meaning, joy, and support to your life. 

Remember, it’s not about the quantity of friends you have, but the quality of those who stand by you through thick and thin!

How can you tell if someone is a fake friend?

To identify an ungenuine friend, observe their behavior closely. Watch out for signs such as being present only when it benefits them, spreading negativity, or disappearing during tough times.

Can fake friends change their behavior?

While some toxic friends might realize their behavior and improve, it’s essential to set boundaries and assess if their actions genuinely reflect a change of heart. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself if the patterns persist.

Is it wrong to end a friendship with a fake friend?

Prioritizing your well-being and emotional health is never wrong. If a friendship feels toxic or one-sided, it might be time to reassess its value in your life. Surround yourself with authentic friends who uplift you and cherish your friendship for the long haul.

7 things a fake friend would do

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