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How To Spot A Frenemy? 12 Signs Someone Is Pretending To Be Your Friend

Signs Pretending To Be Your Friend

Do you have a friend who always leaves belittling comments on your social media uploads? Are you sure they’re not just pretending to be your friend?

Friends lift us up when we get bogged down in life and support us through thick and thin. They share our sorrow and add value to our life. True friends make our life meaningful. But what happens when someone starts pretending to be your friend to fulfill their vested interest?

A fake friend can be more dangerous than an enemy. An enemy is at least open and upfront about their stance, but your fake friends who know all your weaknesses can hit you where it hurts! Yeah! You never get betrayed by an enemy, only someone pretending to be your friend can stab you in the back.

This is why you should be on your guard about frenemies; enemies masquerading as friends. When someone is pretending to be your friend, they are bound to send off some alarming signals. Some of these signals would be loud and clear, while some would be blink-and-miss.

How to know if you have fake friends? Just pay close attention to how your friends behave around you. When you doubt that someone is only pretending to be your friend and does not have your best interest in their heart, look out for these 12 signs of a fake friend, to be sure.

How To Spot Fake Friends? 12 Signs Someone Is Only Pretending To Be Your Friend

When you get familiar with the signs of fake friends, it will not be difficult for you to identify and keep them at arm’s length.

Fake friends can waltz into your life pretending to be your friend.
Before trusting someone, be sure whether they’re your true friend or just pretending to be your friend

1. They Always Have An Ulterior Motive

Frenemies are fair-weather friends who are always looking for ways to sponge off of you. They always want something from you and are never shy about asking for favors. A friend in need is a friend indeed, however, a fake friend has a seriously twisted interpretation of this proverb. They can just pop up in your life after a long hiatus to simply ask for help.

“Hey, long time! How are you? Our babysitter just canceled on us. Would you mind if I ask you to watch little Johny this Saturday?”

2. They Cannot Be Found Anywhere When You Need Them

They can pull off a fine disappearing act as soon as you are in need of their help. They will find an excuse or simply go out of contact with you if they even get an inkling of you approaching them for a favor. They will lie through their teeth to get out of a situation where they might have to lend you a helping hand, be it physically, financially, or emotionally. When you will need support or care during a difficult time, a frenemy pretending to be your friend will be nowhere to be seen. 

3. They Put You Down

A person who is pretending to be your friend might harbor secret feelings of jealousy or even downright hatred. They will make their feelings known through veiled insults, sly digs, and backhanded compliments, meant to make you feel small and insignificant.

They can say something like “I am happy that you finally managed to grab a good man after dating so many losers.”  in front of your partner to sabotage your romantic prospects and put you down in a covert manner.

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4. They Are Exhausting To Be Around

Have you noticed how you feel drained and depleted after being in the company of some friends? They might be pretending to be your friend just to use you as their emotional punching bag. Such fake friends dump all their troubles on you and keep harping on the same string throughout the entire time you spend with one another.

They will keep asking you for advice, but will never implement them. They will do nothing to change their situation but will always bring you down with their negativities. Another shocking sign of such a frenemy is that they will show no interest in knowing about you. It’s always about them and they will steer every conversation toward themselves.

These energy vampires like the way you make them feel and use you to feel better about themselves. No wonder you feel exhausted being around them.

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