The Symbol You Pick Will Reveal The Phase of Life You Have Entered


Symbol You Pick Reveal Phase of Life

As we pass through the different phases of life, our personalities are put through many lasting changes. This is part and parcel of the human experience and none of us can avoid it even if we try to.

Some may be stuck in one phase longer than others. Interestingly, these phases don’t depend on how old a person is for their occurrence, and you can enter into a phase of life at any age as age has no bearing here.

According to Carl Jung, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst from Switzerland and one of the most influential figures in the field of psychology, these phases of life depend on our individual personalities and the paths we are meant to take.

To find out more about the phase of your life that you’ve entered at the moment, take a look at all these symbols and pick the symbol that speaks to you most or most resonates with you.

Go with your gut and don’t overanalyze the symbols when taking this personality test. Trust your instincts and your subconscious to show you the right choice and go with that.

Once you’ve found your soul symbol and one that feels important to you personally, scroll down to read more about its meaning and the phase of life you have entered.

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The Symbol You Pick Will Tell You Phase of Life You Have Entered

Symbol You Pick

1. The Athletic Phase

The Symbol You Pick Will Reveal The Phase of Life You Have Entered - athletic phase
The Symbol You Pick Will Reveal The Phase of Life You Have Entered – The Athletic Phase

The most immature of all the different phases of life, the traits most commonly found in those who are currently going through the phase of the athlete are self-obsession and narcissism.
It is a time when people are overly worried about their looks and their figure and little else matters.

Due to their immaturity, people in this phase live as if the universe revolves around them and only them. They are blind to the struggles of others and since this is also a selfish phase, they don’t really care to know about that either.

Ironically, though narcissism is a key trait of this face, so are self-criticism and a lack of self-esteem. Though they are two extremes, they go hand in hand during the athlete phase.

Either the person’s ego is larger than life and impossible to deflate or they lack confidence in themselves. They constantly think about their appearance and whether they’ve made any mistakes in the way they’ve chosen to present themselves.

Usually, people in their teens are stuck in this phase but this is also true for those who were brought up by narcissists. The former is more self-obsessed but the latter are too prone to self-criticism.

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2. The Warrior Phase

Symbol Reveal Phase of Life You Have Entered warrior
Quizzes: Reveal The Phase of Life You Have Entered

Letting go of the athletic stage, people generally move to the phase of the warrior.
There is more maturity in this phase as they learn that they are responsible for the consequences of their own actions and also recognize their responsibility to the people around them.

The above symbol for the warrior phase of life signifies the beginning of learning.
We learn to apply the knowledge we have been privileged to receive and use it to better ourselves and the world around us. Some of the lessons might be harsh but they are necessary all the same.

Success, ambitions, and the drive to fulfill one’s goals also characterize this phase.
It is not called the warrior phase for anything as we learn to become fighters in every sense of the word. We begin to narrow down on our purpose on this planet and on the ways and means of achieving that purpose.

Slowly our plans for the future begin to crystallize and we experience great personal growth. The motivation required to push yourself harder to see those plans come to light is also found in this stage and the wisdom you learn will be invaluable later on.

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3. The Declaratory Phase

Symbol Reveal Phase of Life You Have Entered declaratory
Phase Of Life – The Declaratory Phase

Causing us to mature now by leaps and bounds, the declaratory phase takes you much further than the previous two and it can be hard to digest all this change in one go.

This is the stage of life that is meant for you to bring your own offspring into the world.
In the previous stage, you learned to take responsibility for yourself and others so the time is now right for you to be entrusted with the care of another life. It can be scary but it is also a very exciting time.

More than just having children and raising them right, this stage also makes you think about what you’re leaving behind for them. You will realize the importance of leaving them a legacy they can be proud of.

So it is the right time to examine all your own past achievements and how they’ve affected your life and especially the lives of those you care about.

While you want your children to be a credit to you, you also wish to ensure that you are the kind of parent they can take pride in calling their own and you’re ready to make the changes necessary for that to happen.

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4. The Spiritual Phase

Symbol Reveal Phase of Life You Have Entered spiritual
Phases of Life Symbol

Coming to the last phase to be experienced in this life, is the phase of the spirit.

We now come to the realization that there is more to the universe than just the things we’ve found in this material world. While wealth, relationships, beautiful objects, and successes have all been important, your spirituality begins to take precedence over everything else. Now more than ever, you feel your connection with the universe.

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Our oneness with the all-pervading Spirit slowly expands in our consciousness and we become aware that we are merely beings of energy traveling through space. As it is made of energy, life too has neither a beginning nor an end. No matter what, the journey will have to continue.

Once you’ve entered the profound peace of the spirit, your life will be focused on shining your light in the darkest of places and offering nourishment and compassion without expecting anything in return.

You will find yourself reaching out to teach and guide others so that they too can enter this stage that you are blessed to be experiencing. It is an ending but it is also a new and joyful beginning.

Which symbol did you pick and what phase of life you have entered? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Symbol You Pick Will Tell You Which Phase of Life You Have Entered
Personality Test: The Symbol You Pick Will Tell You Which Phase of Life You Have Entered
Symbol Reveal Phase of Life You Have Entered pin
Symbol phases of life: The Symbol You Pick Will Reveal The Phase of Life You Have Entered
Symbol You Pick Reveal Phase of Life pin

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  1. Simone Avatar

    I picked #4. This is so true, I have been listening to High Frequency Music while I am sleeping and when meditating ( or trying too meditate). I have connected to the Universe but Now I am working harder then ever. I am also working on opening my third eye. All of this and more before I came across this quiz of which phase of life I am in. Thank You, I needed this it answered an important conversation I had with the Universe.

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