How to Wear Rings according to what you Pursue

 July 04, 2018

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How to Wear Rings according to what you Pursue

Welcome to another Lesson of our School of Witchcraft. According to Magic, a ring is a symbol of power. It is associated with Time and the Wholeness because a circle is the ‘Perfect Shape’ of alchemists. The Ring is also associated with Uroboros, the snake that bites its tail. Witches, Wizards, and alchemists now that each finger has a special association with a magical quality. Hence, YES, it is important how to Wear Rings. Let me remind you, that we wear our wedding ring on a certain finger… and there’s a reason for that! 


On which Finger to Wear Rings according to what you Pursue?

To answer that we need to remember that each finger is associated with a God / Goddess and Planet. Let’s remember this from our article of ‘Magic Rings’ before we continue.


The Fingers and their Magical Associations with Gods, Goddesses, and the Planets!

  • The thumb holds and expresses the power of Aphrodite-Venus.
  • The index holds and expresses the power of Zeus – Jupiter.
  • the middle the power of Saturn.
  • the ring finger the power of Apollo – Sun
  • and the pinky or little finger the power of Hermes – Mercury.
  • Mars and Moon don’t have their fingers, so if you want to make a magic ring under their power you should wear it in a compatible finger for the purpose of the ring.

Now that we’ve seen fingers associations, let’s see what each God/Goddess-Planet is related with.

  • Zeus Jupiter is associated with Education, Opportunities, Good luck, Abundance, and Improvement. Hence, we choose the index finger, for all kind of material or intellectual growth and development.
  • Saturn is associated with Wisdom & Eternity. Hence we use the middle finger to make things last forever.
  • Apollo the Sun, is associated with Happiness, Magical Arts / Prophecy, Prosperity, Fulfillment and Good Health. Apollo blesses us with a filling of perfect bliss. This is why we use the ring finger for our wedding rings. To make our marriage happy and fulfilling!
  • Aphrodite Venus, is associated with Peace, Beauty, and Love. Therefore, we use the thumb to bring forth affection and satisfaction.
  • Hermes Mercury is associated with Communication, Travels and Financial transactions. Hence, we use the pinky, to promote better understanding and safe traveling and transactions.

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Two hands, two magical Polarities

  • Yes, we have two – nearly identical – hands.
  • No, they are not the magically equal according to Witches.
  • If we are right-handed, most usually the Right Hand is the projective – masculine – yang one. We use this hand to send a message to the universe. To project something to this world. Or maybe, to affect something out there.
  • Also, if we are the right-hander, most usually the Left Hand is the receptive – feminine -in one. We use this hand to receive energy.
  • If we are left-handed this usually is reversed. Hence, our right hand is receptive and left hand is projective.
  • For many people, this is not easily applicable as they use both hands for both reasons. Both hands are equally receptive and projective.


How to Wear Rings

We should probably start with an example: Let’s say that we want a better sex life. We would probably use the Thumb. Now, as we saw before, the thumb is associated with Aphrodite – Venus hence we want to use a ring which is made by either metal or stone or color which corresponds to Venus. A ring made of an alloy copper and/or has emerald on. This will boost our purpose.

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