Why Highly Sensitive People Get Bullied In Life

Highly Sensitive People Bullied In Life

Why always highly sensitive people get bullied?

I had an “Aha” moment today.

The reason highly sensitive people get bullied so often isn’t because of our sensitivity. It’s because of the dismally low self-esteem that tends to go along with being that sensitive, especially if we were victimized by malignant narcissists and bullies when young.

Narcissists envy and fear high sensitivity.

Narcissists hate high sensitivity in others for two reasons:

  1. They envy it because it’s something they can’t have or may have lost as children and it’s a sign of an authentic person, which is something they aren’t but wish they were; and
  2. They fear it, because they know this quality makes it possible for to zero in on the emptiness hiding under the narcissist’s guise.

Their hatred and fear are expressed through love bombing followed by bullying and other forms of abuse meant to weaken the HSP. An HSP’s fragile ego can be destroyed or greatly diminished after years of bullying and abuse.

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Why Highly Sensitive People Get Bullied In Life

Sharon: an HSP who carried a can of Narc Repellent.

I was thinking about a woman I used to know named Sharon. She was an empathic young woman who felt everything so deeply–but mostly joy and love. She’s exquisitely sensitive but is also self-confident (she was raised by very loving parents). She is comfortable enough with herself to show her vulnerability openly, allowing herself the liberty to feel all her emotions as well as share the emotions of her friends.

You might think Sharon is a magnet for bullies, but she’s not. She makes friends easily because she has such a loving and positive presence and people feel like she cares about them, and she likes herself too (without being at all narcissistic). They are right.

Narcissists avoid Sharon like the plague. Why? They would probably love to get their hooks into her if they could, but Sharon’s confidence in herself and easygoing comfort around all kinds of people scares them right off. While still being emotionally vulnerable, Sharon is invulnerable to narcissists because they sense her strength. She’s indestructible and they know it. As a result, Sharon is never victimized and tends to attract other loving people as her friends, people who just want to be around her because she’s a lot of fun but can also cry with you if that’s what you need.

If you’re a highly sensitive adult whose self-esteem has been destroyed by narcissistic abuse or a sensitive kid who has become insecure and fearful because of bullying, your high sensitivity will be expressed very differently than someone like Sharon.

Sensitive children do get tested by school bullies, and it’s harder to not let that damage your self-image when you’re so young, especially if your parents are also bullies and have already done a number on your self-esteem. But for an adult, most people will admire emotional openness and vulnerability or at least respect it–as long as they also know you respect and love yourself. People can sense when you’re comfortable in your own skin and narcs will stay far away, because they’re only attracted to codependent types who are unsure of themselves or their place in the world.

Watch this video to know the strengths of a highly sensitive person:

Being highly sensitive: a curse or a blessing?

A sensitive person who hates herself will tend to act in ways that attract mean people and bullies to them. They are unsure of themselves, fearful, easily depressed or discouraged, easily hurt, easily frustrated, paranoid, hypervigilant, and insecure. They are afraid of everything, and like ravenous wolves, narcissists can smell their fear. So, highly sensitive people always get bullied. They see this–not the underlying sensitivity–as weakness, and they will horn in on such a person for narcissistic supply or bullying because they’re an easy mark who will be too afraid to call them out on their abuse.

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  1. Avatar of Traci Germanozashvili
    Traci Germanozashvili

    I have one more thought about this then I’ll shut up LOL but also wOMEN like sharon since they have such an awesome support system usually get really good jobs where their higher up in management most people not all there’s a lot of lawyers and doctors who have narcissistic parents and end up marrying narcissist but a lot of people because of their depression and low self esteem and absolutely no support system they don’t even usually end up graduating from high school which makes them extremely vulnerable because they have to work for these narcissist and they end up getting bullied by a group of people or one person but everybody else looks the other way it’s a vicious cycle and Unfortunately the world is what it is

  2. Avatar of Traci Germanozashvili
    Traci Germanozashvili

    Also I went to point out narcissist hate people who have a strong family backing that’s their worst nightmare. So you can have all the same qualities as Sharon but if you don’t have a strong support system they will always pray on you they want somebody like Sharon kind and sweet and loving but they don’t want her strong family because they know he has them to fall back on and they won’t put up with a narcissist BS said they find the same type of person bat that person just doesn’t have a support system at all. And both people who have narcissistic parent don’t even realize it. They know something’s very wrong but they just can’t put their finger on it it’s just a very unfortunate situation

  3. Avatar of Traci Germanozashvili
    Traci Germanozashvili

    Also people like that usually have a very supportive loving family where they stand behind her and don’t let anybody bully her. AND most likely she doesn’t have problems with depression low self esteem. Her parents probably weRE extremely supportive and cared about her school work cared about her interest cared when she was sick A narcissistic parent is the exact opposite tHEY care less about you. When you don’t have a strong family backing and lots of support throughout your life when you’re pretty much alone people have less respect fOR you and as much as you try to hide it it eventually comes shows. So basically you’re on your own and you don’t feel any sort of safety or security especially if you end up marrying a narcissist which usually happens. And since you don’t know anything else and there was never any kind of literature or anything to compare yourself to or understand what’s happening you just end up blaming yourself. Weather people want to admit it or not people like to be around great awesome family unless of course you’re a narcissist and love to control then you like the ones that are insecure people pleasers without a strong family support system that’s what they go after. Narcissist can smell you are my ellaway you’re just become a bully magnet to them. It’s really creepy but true and sad.

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