The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking

Why An Introvert Isnt Talking

The quiet introvert can easily read the energy of the loud extrovert. When we realize that people are not truly interested in listening to what we have to say, we don’t take the effort to speak up. We would rather have an engaging conversation with ourselves than take part in a one-way conversation with them.’

The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking
The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking

5 more reasons why introverts don’t talk

Now that you have a clear idea why the introvert doesn’t talk, let’s take a look at some other reasons why the quiet introvert stays silent and doesn’t bother talking to loud extroverts, according to pastor, author and coach Ron Edmondson:

1. Everyone is talking

When everyone else is being loud and trying their best to get their opinions through, then introverts will choose to stay quiet. Introverts don’t like fighting for their chance to talk or talking over others just to get heard. The introvert will calmly wait for their turn to speak or rather not share at all.

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2. Being rushed to respond

When an extrovert pushes an introvert to come up with an answer or react immediately, then the introvert will choose to stay quiet instead. As introverts, we need time to think our answers through after processing the available information. This is why an introvert takes time to respond. And if you’re in a hurry to get an answer, then the quiet introvert will prefer not to share anything at all.

3. Too many people around

When the room is filled with too many people and most of them are loud extroverts, then the introvert will gladly step back and allow others to talk their heart out. Introverts are usually good listeners. We would rather listen to an important conversation rather than interrupt and talk just to say something smart. Ron Edmondson explains “If introverts are easily outnumbered they are usually silenced. You can sometimes solve this by breaking larger groups into smaller groups.”

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The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking
The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking

4. Nothing to share

Sometimes the quiet introvert just might not have anything to say at all. It may not be their favorite subject or may be they don’t know much about the topic. Introverts prefer to listen and learn than just talk for the sake of making conversation. Introverted people are not known to talk about topics they know less about, unlike most extroverts. Ron adds “Their words are typically based on thoughts they’ve processed longer, so if it’s a new subject, they may still be processing internally.”

5. Too uncomfortable

When an introvert is put in an uncomfortable position, they wouldn’t prefer to be much vocal. Making an introvert the center of attention is not the best idea. Seeking attention is not something an introvert usually does. When they are given space, introverts can speak logically and intelligently.

The myth is that introverts are always silent. Not true. And, it’s not that they have nothing to say. They simply want to be prepared before they share what’s on their mind. The more advance notice you give them the better,” explains author Ron Edmondson.

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Solitude is back in fashion

The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking
The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking

Introverts value privacy, peace, creativity and quiet. Simply because the quiet introvert prefers solitude and silence doesn’t mean they are social misfits or lack social skills. The need now is for extroverts to make a stronger effort to understand introverts. It’s time for society to bring about a cultural revolution where introverts are appreciated for being quiet instead of being asked why they are not talking. A society where it’s alright for the introvert to enjoy solitude and silence without feeling pressured to talk unnecessarily.

Psychology professor Margarita Azmitia explainsWe need to build our cultural understanding that we don’t have to be social all the time. Parents can help their children understand that being alone isn’t bad. It doesn’t mean nobody likes you.”

If you truly want an introvert to talk, make an effort to build a connection with them. And they will welcome you to their fascinating inner world of imagination and wonder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do shy people remain quiet?

Shy and quiet cannot be used interchangeably. A shy person is usually timid or nervous around others and thus remains quiet, while a confident person may dislike talking a lot.

Are quiet people construed as dangerous?

Quiet people keep their thoughts to themselves and don’t overtly express their emotions. This might be the reason their nature sometimes gets misinterpreted as dangerous.

Does staying in your house for a long time make you a quiet person?

A quiet person may or may not like to stay home for a long time, however, it’s highly unlikely that staying at home, especially involuntarily will make one a quiet person.

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The Quiet Introvert: 5 Reasons Why An Introvert Isn’t Talking
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