7 Reasons Why People Who Talk Less Are Smarter And More Interesting


Reasons Why People Who Talk Less Are Smarter

People who talk less or are quieter by nature are frequently misunderstood. Listening to the spiciest gossip and the craziest stories is what fascinates everyone on the first go. People, who are ‘the life of the party’ grab all the attention through their impeccable communication skills but how about that guy standing alone in the corner? Away from all the action? The listener of the group?

Well, that misunderstood fellow is actually the sharpest one amongst all. This could possibly be hard to believe but it is indeed a fact.

It is a common notion and the first instinct of society to consider the ones who talk less to be simple, naïve, gullible. But perhaps you are underestimating the smartest person in the room. Behind their not-so-confident personality, these quiet ones mysteriously possess the most intelligent attributes.

Here are 7 reasons why people who talk less are smarter and interesting than most

1. Quiet people are great observers.

The time an extrovert spends chatting and socializing with others is utilized by an introvert in observing their surroundings. They are chronic overthinkers and hence move from one subject to the next inside their heads.

They get to study people and the environment and form some very useful and accurate opinions. Their conservative and not-so-interactive nature gives them ample time for observing, and listening to everyone around them. 

quiet - the power of introverts

2. The quiet ones value and appreciate other’s opinion.

If you talk less, then you should feel good about the fact that people love you for making them feel important and worth listening to. It takes patience to listen to someone attentively and use it to gain as much knowledge as possible. Apart from enriching your knowledge, you increase the bandwidth of your opinion and enhance your communication skills.

At the same time, you also make the other person feel seen, heard, and understood, and this is something that not a lot of people have the power of doing.

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3. They are conscious of what they speak.

They do not prefer to blurt out what they feel every now and then. ‘Talking to the point’ is more their style. Crisp and substantial information uttered once in the conversation by them is enough to leave you dumbstruck. They take their own decisions based on listening to what others say and what they observe over time. They try to learn from an extrovert’s mistakes and make better decisions for themselves.

4. They take time to analyze and respond back.

People who talk less do not jump to conclusions directly. They grasp as much information as possible because they have strong minds. They prefer being quiet because it gives their mind a chance to wander and reflect.

They prepare themselves for every possible question (which probably they would never have to answer) and hence understand the versatility in perceptions and opinions. Processing of the discussion matters to them more than verbal participation

5. They have an independent mindset.

Since introverts do not have an extraordinary social life, they do not hang out in popular circles, thereby reducing the chances of getting influenced by popular groups. They always manage to stick to their individuality. Since they are reserved, they get saved from getting attached to people who might drain them of their mental and emotional energy.

6. Quiet people are natural learners.

People who talk less are always thirsty for knowledge. Their incredible curiosity drives them to keep learning new things. They hate gossiping with people, not because they are anti-social, but because they don’t like the idea of wasting their time talking about other people behind their backs.

They would rather spend more time writing or reading books to expand their mind. Thanks to their rich knowledge, they don’t speak any kind of nonsense, instead, they enchant people with stimulating conversation. 

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7. They indulge in self-care.

Spending time in solitude rather than partying gives them time for soul searching and personal growth. As a result, they have better emotional and psychological health, compared to people who never introspect. According to Susan Cain, author of the book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts”, introversion is simply the preference for less stimulation.

So, the next time you are judging an introvert by their first impression and consider them not smart enough or good enough for not being a good communicator, think again because they can be one of those people who are the smartest and brightest people in the room.

The Quiet Ones People Who Talk Less Really Are Smarter
People Talk Less Smarter Interesting Than Most Pin
Reasons Why People Who Talk Less Are Smarter pin one
Reasons Why People Who Talk Less Are Smarter
Reasons Why People Who Talk Less Are Smarter pin

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