15 Enlightening TED Talks on Emotional Intelligence

15 Enlightening TED Talks on Emotional Intelligence

Barrett sheds light upon the empowering nature of the science of emotions. She explains that the brain constructs predictions as a way of reacting to physical experiences. This implies that emotions are mere guesses or predictions that are most similar to other life experiences. These experiences are developed through time but human beings are born with a physical barometer for basic sensations like calm, agitation, and comfort vs. discomfort. 

She explains how it is everyone’s responsibility to understand our emotional behavior since it is not universally experienced. It is our responsibility to improve our emotional landscape when we misbehave.  


TED Talk 4. How to practice Emotional Hygiene | Dr. Guy Winch

Dr. Guy Winch talks about the importance of intentional practices to maintain emotional hygiene. Just as one’s physical self is susceptible to injuries that can cause much pain, so is the psychological self. These injuries may include failure, rejection and loneliness. It is everyone’s responsibility to practice emotional hygiene in order to counter psychological damage to stop emotional bleeding. 

The fact that loneliness and other such psychological injuries increase mortality rates should encourage us to practice good emotional hygiene. Dr. Winch suggests that by creating an emotional first aid kit, people can improve their overall well being by overriding their negative emotions. We go through a lot of emotional injuries, some that we’ve become so used to that we are simply unaware of. For emotional injuries like these we must apply the right band aid from our emotional first aid kit and maintain sensible emotional hygiene. 

Practicing emotional hygiene is just as important as brushing your teeth. It must be practiced on a daily basis to overcome habits like rumination and negative self-talk. For the all round well being of a person, maintaining good emotional hygiene is an essential part of our everyday lives in order to strengthen one’s emotional intelligence. 


TED Talk 5. Emotional Mastery: The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings | Dr. Joan Rosenberg 

Dr. Joan Rosenberg discusses the science of emotions and the impact of ‘gut punches’ on our capabilities in life. She says that if we can experience and move through eight unpleasant feelings, we can do anything we want in life. Her formula she calls the ‘Rosenberg Reset’ is a method that everyone must apply in their daily lives. It improves self-confidence by responding to unpleasant feelings with intention, patience and choice which can shift one’s emotional well being in a day. 

The Rosenberg Reset 

1 choice – 8 unpleasant feelings – 90 seconds 

The choice is to stay present in the unpleasant situation, instead of trying to numb or push the emotion aside. 

The 8 unpleasant feelings are sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, vulnerability, embarrassment, disappointment, and frustration. 

The 90 seconds is the time frame within which it takes neuro-chemicals to “rush and flush” as a physical experience in the body. 

Instead of framing these undesirable feelings in the category of ‘bad’ or ‘negative’, a subtle change in the title to unpleasant can re-frame the whole experience as navigable and temporary. Rather than treating these emotions as a fragile and breakable experience, we can change it to empowered patience. The formula is like the  granted resilience that is attained after an inoculating shot. 


TED Talk 6. The Power of Emotional Intelligence | Travis Bradberry

In this TED Talk, Travis Bradberry speaks on the importance of developing emotional intelligence. He explains the nature of emotions and how they affect and work in the brain. He discusses the difference between Emotional Quotient (E.Q) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ) along with the difference between E.Q and personality. 

Bradberry mentions the three ‘silver bullets’ for enhancing Emotional Intelligence. His strategy of countering stress with an attitude of gratitude is explored. He stresses on the importance of maintaining a good sleep schedule in order to boost Emotional Intelligence and the importance of reducing caffeine intake.  

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