12 Absolutely Stressful Experiences For Introverts

stressful expaeriences for introverts

Stress and introverts are a match made in hell, and anything even remotely stressful can make an introvert feel like they are drowning, with no hopes of coming back up again. Because introverts are built differently, they are more susceptible to burnout, emotional exhaustion, and anxiety. And this is why they also tend to get stressed out very easily.

There are many experiences out there that might seem like normal, easy-breezy experiences for non-introverted people, but are hella stressful experiences for introverts. Now you might be wondering what are these experiences and situations that makes an introvert hyperventilate, sometimes even thinking about them? Come on, let’s take a deep dive together into this, shall we?

12 Absolutely Stressful Experiences For Introverts

1. Being The Center Of Attention, In Any Way.

Having the focus on themselves is nothing short of a nightmare for them. Being the center of attention, or being put on the spot is something they absolutely hate, and when they get caught in situations like these, the only thing they want is for the ground to open up and swallow them whole.

They don’t really feel comfortable in the limelight, and whenever the focus is on them, it quickly turns into one of the most stressful experiences for introverts. For example, in a work meeting, if their boss puts them on the spot and asks them to give ideas in front of everyone, they will find it hard to respond. Even if they have the best ideas amongst everyone, their anxiety and shyness will prevent them from saying it out loud.

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2. Unannounced Visitors.

If you know any introverts, you might probably know that they hate having unannounced visitors over. They have no problem hosting people or having friends over, but just dropping by at their home is something they don’t like and feel very uncomfortable with.

Introverts need to mentally prepare themselves to meet people and socialize with them. Giving them a heads-up before dropping by is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for them. And not just this, they will also be able to make sure that they are fully present with you, without feeling stressed out or blind-sided.

3. Public Speaking Or Speaking In Front Of A Large Crowd.

Public speaking or pushing them to speak in front of a lot of people is one of the most stressful experiences for introverts. When they have several pairs of eyes staring at them, and the whole attention is on them, it blanks them out and they forget what they need to do and what they need to say.

They can have good conversations with a smaller group of people in a more private setting, but public speaking is not their cup of tea and never will be. The prospect of everyone’s eyes on them is enough to put them off and make them run for the hills.

superficial conversations are stressful experiences introverts

4. Small Talk, Especially With People They Don’t Know.

This is without doubt and unsurprisingly one of the most stressful experiences for introverts!

As it is they dread small talk of any kind, and on top of that, if they have to engage in it with strangers, it’s a recipe for disaster. Introverts despise small talk and flee from it every chance they get, but sometimes, unfortunately, they are unable to get out of situations like this. And let me tell you, IT. IS. A. NIGHTMARE.

Deep and meaningful conversations? Introverts are all for it, but small talk to them feels like torture. Talking about the weather, and other generic stuff is not something they look forward to and try to avoid as much as possible. So the next time you see an introvert get caught in a small talk kind of conversation, rescue them!

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5. Forced To Interact With People When They Are Tired.

Introverts burn out faster than people who aren’t introverted. And during such a situation, if they have to deal with important stuff and interact with other people, then it takes a toll on them, mentally, physically, and emotionally. They need breaks once in a while and some breathing space to function properly.

If they’re forced to deal with people when they are down on energy, it’s one of the most stressful experiences for introverts where they feel like they are going to burst out of their skin.

6. Having To Provide Negative Criticism To Someone.

If you’re an introvert and a highly sensitive one at that, criticizing someone even if they deserve it can be an emotionally draining experience. Talking about someone’s flaws and telling them what they should and shouldn’t do, doesn’t come naturally to introverts, and is easily one of the most stressful experiences for introverts.

They are always thinking of ways about how they can be fair and respectful while doling out criticism, and sometimes they end up being too hard on themselves. All because they don’t want to offend or hurt anyone. Even if it’s constructive criticism, they find it near impossible to say it as it is.

7. Attending parties.

Now don’t get me wrong, introverts have no problem with parties per se. The parties that they are terrified of are the ones where there are hundreds and people, it’s total chaos, and you have to constantly scream to talk to someone. Those parties are nothing short of a nightmare for them, and they try their level best to avoid such situations.

Small, intimate gatherings with close friends and house parties are something they truly enjoy, but if you ask them to come to a nightclub or go pub-hopping, they will run for the hills. Chaotic, loud parties are not their cup of tea, and forcing them to engage in all this is one of the most stressful experiences for introverts.

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8. When Someone They Don’t Know Very Well Asks Personal Questions.

Even if you have the purest intentions, asking personal questions directly to an introvert can make them feel blindsided, and stress them out. It’s not that they have any problem answering questions, it’s just that they need to process and think about what they want to say, and how much they want to reveal. If you put them on the spot, they’ll feel like you’re grilling them, and if they don’t give the right answer, you will judge them.

Introverts also never want to say anything just for the sake of saying it; if you have asked them a question, they will want to answer as honestly as they can. So the moment they are asked any personal question and put on the spot, they stress themselves thinking about the best ways to express themselves.

9. They Find It Hard To Converse With Chatty People.

Talkative people turn them off, and they are always at a loss at how to deal with them and their constant chatter. Introverts might be good listeners, but if someone is talking their ears off with small talk and superficial things, they will want to escape from there as soon as possible.

Chatty people tire them out, they need a lot of mental energy to stay in the conversation and keep it going and that’s why it’s one of the most stressful experiences for introverts. Introverts like to have meaningful conversations where everybody can pitch in with their opinions equally and without monopolizing the whole conversation. So when they are confronted with talkative people, they find it hard to stay invested.

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10. Deadlines Freak Them Out.

This is the one thing that haunts them from the get-go, especially for anxious introverts. Any kind of time pressure AKA, deadlines absolutely freak them out, and they instantly stress themselves out thinking about how they are going to get the job done properly and on time.

Introverts love giving their all in whatever they do, but when they are constantly under pressure to get things done within a specific time limit, they bungle up. And guess what? From being a positive, enriching experience it quickly turns into one of the most stressful experiences for introverts!

11. Phone Calls, Especially Video Calls Terrify Them.

Introverts hate getting phone calls, and on top of that, if you include video calls, it’s enough to make them run for the hills. Phone calls and video calls exacerbate an introvert’s social anxiety and are two of the most stressful experiences for introverts. And once they are engaged in one, there’s nowhere for them to hide if things get uncomfortable.

In social settings, introverts need the occasional breather to gather their thoughts and continue interacting with everyone. But during phone calls and video calls, that’s not possible and the only way to do that is by disconnecting the call and that’s rude. When they are on a video call, they have 15-20 faces staring at them, waiting for them to give their opinion. You can imagine how terrifying that can be for an introvert.

12. Being A Part Of Group Projects Makes Them Feel Stressed.

Introverts prefer working alone because it helps them stay in control and it doesn’t require them to interact with a ton of people. That’s why group projects make for extremely stressful experiences for introverts, since they have to interact with many people at the same time, and they find it hard to put forward their opinion.

Group projects make them feel overwhelmed, and anxious, especially if they are put on the spot and asked for their views in front of hundreds of people. It’s not that they are completely incapable of doing it, but it’s very very hard. It takes a lot of mental preparation on their part to express their opinions in front of that many people.

Want to know more about stressful experiences for introverts? Check this video out below!

Stressful experiences for introverts

Now that you know what are the most stressful experiences for introverts, do you relate to any of them? If you are an introvert reading this, then you know how true all of this really is.

But you also need to know that it’s okay to feel like this sometimes, and that doesn’t make you any less than others, especially extroverts. All of us are programmed differently, and you’re perfect the way you are. What’s not a big deal for someone might be a big deal for you. And again, that’s okay.

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