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20 Relatable Struggles Of People Who Hate People

Struggles Of People Who Hate People

20 Relatable Struggles Of People Who Hate People

Facepalm. “This is why I hate people,” said you, followed by intense internal screaming and questioning yourself why you are there in the first place. “Why the hell are you doing that?” you thought to yourself, “Why, just why?” The struggle is real.

You’re most likely considered a very cold person if you are one that hates people. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It isn’t necessarily your fault. 

In fact, you’re actually an amazing person to hang out with, just with the right people that don’t mess with your vibe. People who hate people aren’t necessarily loners. They have close friends that they really care about as well. 

The only difference is they simply can’t tolerate all the bullshit of other people – especially and exclusively, strangers. This either fills them with burning inner rage or gives them unwelcome panic attacks in certain instances. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Here are 20 Relatable Problems Of People Who Hate People : 


1. When you’re sitting all alone in a public place in peace and someone comes and sits next to you, intervening your precious solitude, your first reaction is ‘Great. Please don’t start a conversation.’

hate people

2. But then they start talking and you’re like, OH FUCK.


3. They’re blabbering on about their day while you silently wonder to yourself who you did wrong recently to cause this kind of karmic retribution.


4. And then you start scheming on how to escape this unwelcome conversation and/or try to calculate how long it’s going to be until they zip it.


5. You nearly reach the edge of the world trying to avoid an old friend or colleague you see on the street.

20 Relatable Struggles Of People Who Hate People

6. Any small  and congested space where you get stuck with other people is basically your own personal hell. Elevators, the cream/sugar corner at a cafe, waiting in line. Why can’t they be the size of a few fields so I can keep my distance?


7. Small talk is more of a challenge for you. Especially when it’s with a complete stranger. You totally hate having to waste your energy on strangers. The awkward silences only make it worse.


8. You will never understand someone who tries to talk to you while you’re wearing headphones you’re like, ‘really?’ Maybe I need bigger headphones that have ‘do not disturb’ spray painted on them. You spend hours on your own wondering what it is about you that seems so approachable.


9. You really deserve at least an appreciation award for your artistry in subtweeting.


10. Your spirit animal, deep within, is Grumpy Cat. Yes, that’s basically who you are as a person. The resemblance. 

20 Relatable Struggles Of People Who Hate People

11. You do that little victory dance of yours when they cancel the plans for the night. Nothing compares to that sweet sigh of relief when you don’t have to go out and hang out with your friends.


12. “People are the virus” is basically your life mantra which proves to be quite true.


13. Phone calls are a thing of the past. You’ve embraced the freedom granted by the phenomenon of texting. Is it so hard to just send a neat text?


14. You think snowstorms are great because it gives you like an extra 2-3 day window where you can avoid everyone and it’s perfectly acceptable.


15. When you board a plane and find out a baby is sitting near you, you think ‘Of all the people on this plane, why me?’ 

20 Relatable Struggles Of People Who Hate People

16. Team projects can be a nightmare. “Either I do it all by myself or I don’t do it at all.”

17. Spending time alone is your default option in your everyday decisions. Even if it’s not an option you will move heaven and earth just to kick back and chill all by yourself. Netflix > people. Books > people. No people > people.


18. Furry friends are greater than people. You deeply appreciate your doggo or your cat simply for – well, not being a person.

19. All of your friends are people who also hate people, a match made in hell. So you spend most of your time together talking about how much everyone else sucks. You guys have a mutual understanding that you all hate everything and you’re cool with it. It’s basically why you guys are so close.


20. You wish you had gone to a different store when a person at the store you go to gets a little too friendly and starts sharing his life problems with you.

20 Relatable Struggles Of People Who Hate People


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