Stop Saying “Sorry” And Say “Thank You” Instead

Stop Saying “Sorry” And Say “Thank You” Instead

Why you should Stop Saying “Sorry” And Say “Thank You” Instead

Unless you’re Canadian, you’re not doing anyone any favors by saying “sorry” all the time. New York-based artist Yao Xiao takes this a step further in her comics, where she suggests us to stop saying sorry and say “thank you” instead.

The Internet is full of empty promises and terrible art, but this idea is worth paying attention to; see how using “thank you” instead of “sorry” plays out below.


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Do you know apologies kill your confidence? To better understand this watch out the video:


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Stop Saying “Sorry” And Say “Thank You” Instead

Stop Saying “Sorry” And Say “Thank You” Instead
 Stop Saying "Sorry" Say “Thank You” Instead

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