Why You Should Say “Thank You” Instead Of “Sorry”: 8 Best Examples Of Gratitude


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Say Thank You Instead Of Sorry: Best Examples Of Gratitude

Words have the power to uplift and heal us. That’s why you should say thank you instead of sorry. Replacing such words will change your life!

Experience the uplifting and healing magic as your language shapes a positive reality!

Unless you’re Canadian, you’re not doing anyone any favors by saying “sorry” all the time. New York-based artist Yao Xiao takes this a step further in her comics, where she suggests we stop saying sorry and start saying thank you instead.

The Internet is full of empty promises and terrible art, but this idea is worth paying attention to; see how using “thank you” instead of “sorry” plays out below.

Why You Should Say Thank You Instead Of Sorry?

While saying sorry is polite and kind but, there is a different kind of power in saying Thank you.

Saying “thank you” is used to express gratitude and appreciation for others. And how we interact to people is greatly influenced by how much gratitude we exhibit and how well we can say “thank you

So, here’s what you should do this Thanksgiving…

Why You Should Stop Saying Sorry This Thanksgiving 2022

Replace “I’m sorry” with “Thank you” in this season of gratefulness and gratitude.

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Words have immense power. So, instead of saying, “sorry, I’m late”, learn to say, “Thank you for your patience”.


Don’t say, “Sorry I’m not making a lot of sense”, instead you can say, “Thank you for understanding me.” It will make a huge difference.

Why You Should Say Thank You Instead Of Sorry

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Instead of saying, “sorry, I’m just venting” or “sorry I’m just rambling”, learn to say, “Thank you for listening to me.”


And when you want to say, “sorry, I take up so much space”, replace it with, “thank you for appreciating my presence.”

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And when you feel down, instead of saying, “sorry, I’m such a disappointment”, say, “thank you for believing in me.”

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Do you know apologies kill your confidence? To better understand this watch out the video:

So, what are you waiting for? Stop apologizing and start thanking!

Stop Saying “Sorry” And Say “Thank You” Instead
 Stop Saying "Sorry" Say “Thank You” Instead
Saying Thank You Instead Of Sorry For A Happy Thanksgiving
Why You Should Say Thank You Instead Of Sorry pin
Say Thank You Instead Of Sorry This Thanksgiving Day 2023
Why You Should Say Thank You Instead Of Sorry

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  1. Sheila crone Avatar
    Sheila crone

    Saying thank you for your patience,, I’m assuming that’s after someone has said that they were patient. Because, if not, saying sorry is the appropriate reasponse. If one is saying sorry for too many perceived errors, that gets old.

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